ningxia famous one of the largest counties who do you like?together to see if there are any in your hometown?

the ningxia hui autonomous region, is one of the five ethnic autonomous regions in china, the autonomous region's capital yinchuan.ningxia in the upstream of the yellow river in western china, the east of shaanxi province, western, northern inner mongolia autonomous region, ningxia yellow river irrigation and formed a long yellow river civilization.history is the"silk road"of the arteries, known as"fortress jiangnan"reputation.see biggest name of 6 counties in ningxia, together in your hometown? qingtongxia comprehensive economic strength among counties(cities) in western china 32nd, known as"the pearl of the fortress".famous scenic spot of qingtongxia yellow river grand canyon, the altar of the yellow river, etc. lingwu, called spiritual state.county of ningxia hui autonomous region, is the core of the ningxia hui autonomous region and the industrial development of yinchuan area.lingwu known as"fortress jiangnan", has a long history of civilization, as early as thirty thousand years ago the late paleolithic human in lingwu thrive this miraculous land, is one of the cradles of the chinese nation ancient civilization. helan county is located in the loess plateau in the northwest inland, qingtongxia central yellow river irrigated area in the yinchuan plain, west of mountains, the eastern plains.helan county territory of helan mountain rock paintings, new stone age ruins, ruins of the ancient writing, worship the temple towers, macro pagodas and other historical sites and natural landscapes, such as crossing the ancient yellow river, the yellow river wetland. in the county is the cradle of chinese wolfberry and authentic origin, in 1961 was named the ministry of agriculture for the chinese wolfberry production base counties, 1965 by the state council named as"township of the chinese wolfberry. the existing located in the eastern part of ningxia hui autonomous region, for xia county yinna region, tibet lamb concentrated in ningxia the history of china's border with nomadic farming nation.the county's flower ma chi town.xianjing from southeast to northwest of the vast steppe and desert grassland, with abundant for its salty, fur, sweet licorice.well-known chinese and foreign tibet lamb of ningxia is the main source of economic salt pond. tongxin county is located in the central and southern ningxia hui autonomous region, belong to the jurisdiction of wuzhong city.geographic borders the east county and the existing, qingyang city, gansu province, the south and the original states adjacent natural guyuan city, west and central city china area, in the county, ninghxia neighbors, north and wuzhong city gongsibao border area, the loess plateau, located in the southern ordos plateau topography showed the trend of meteorological north is low.

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