china one of the most warm winter province during the spring festival is the most comfortable place


spring festival approaching, north scenery, thousands of the south of china, hainan province, the winter warming yang, flowers in full bloom.

land of hainan province(including hainan island and xisha, zhongsha and nansha islands) with a total area of 3.54 square kilometers, sea area of about 200 square kilometers.

like a sideways snow pear, hainan island is located in the southernmost tip of mainland china, on the other side of the qiongzhou strait and leizhou peninsula, is the second largest island in china, the important transfer station of ancient maritime silk road.

the nansha and xisha islands, saved shallow, reefs, plus the sea the unpredictable weather, hainan island is often as the nanyang last depot and safe haven.

at the beginning of yuan dynasty, the ships of the land to discharge in northern hainan island, because of the distance near the northern leizhou peninsula, haikou port, known as haikou pu, it has a history of more than nine hundred years.since the yuan dynasty, haikou port has been the biggest port in the hainan island.

in 1926, haikou city, replace the capital of hainan qiongzhou house, the position of modern haikou.

nanyang chinese later return to invest in the construction unceasingly, they carry wives, with funds, in haikou building homes.overseas chinese into foreign elements in the building, forming characteristics of match well of chinese and western architecture.haikou arcade old street, covers an area of about 0.14 square kilometers, there are large and small about 600 buildings, the overhang and intact, was awarded the title of"china's historical and cultural mingjie".

hainan island, north and south each have an important city, north is haikou, south is sanya.

a tianya area in sanya administrative divisions, the area is equipped with the ends of the earth scenic spot, stand a pair of grey stones were built more than 10 meters high, two stone engraved with the words"tianya"and"the cape"respectively, which means the edge of the day, the end of the sea.if the ends of the earth points to a place, must belong to sanya.

sanya, the cool sea breeze in the summer of winter warming yang feng, freeze in northern china, sanya still blossom tree.

sanya phoenix island, is a saved on the construction of artificial islands, total length of about 1250 meters, 350 meters wide, covers an area of about 365000 square meters.on the island by a 394 meters long, 17 meters wide connection cross-sea bridge sightseeing and downtown.the island became sanya, hainan province and even the whole of china's leading winter holiday resort.

hainan province is one of the most southern province in china, the most warm a province in winter, is also a good place for travel during the spring festival.

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