grass boat day life boatman not more than one hundred yuan a month but only happiness peaks? why?

ethiopia bach,

we to bach's important purpose is to visit lake tana, and the island to see the famous religious painting.

lake tana(pictured above) is the origin, blue nile is one of the biggest lakes of ethiopia."as"mean"water don't do it"in the local language, for ethiopia, she like a huge natural reservoir, filled with all the year round never dried up the water of life.and the green island, just like an emerald inlaid in the blue water of the lake, island, there are many mysterious churches and monasteries.

our boat trip on the island of journey was scheduled, set off at 8 o 'clock, but due to some late, the result until 8 pm.from bach's downtown to base, peninsula(zeghe) water is 17 kilometers, young boatman sound engine(pictured above), the boat leisurely to island in a lake.bout half a ship, the emperor uncle to carry forward the great spirit of gossip again asked the boatman salary geometry, the young boatman tells us:300 bill.

300 bill for us, means that only enough to pay ghion hotel one night room charge standard rooms, or buy two round trip tickets of the peninsula.but he seemed to be very satisfied.he said:"i built a small house, is very small, no furniture inside, but i am a man, quite good.i every day cooking, that's enough."paused and said,"now ethiopia everywhere is chinese, railway highway here sell mobile phone and so on."

a pelican water through, the village asked him:"there are fish in the lake?"

"yes, there are three types of fish, but we only have two of these."


"because another fish without scales, like a snake."

lake tana there are a lot of the leafy trees, as if absorbs the essence of the world, extremely rich vitality.

there are a lot of on lake tana made of papyrus simple boat.papyrus in egypt was made of paper and paint to heritage, history and culture in ethiopia are made to the bearing life.this grass boat only 15 days, the life of a declared due to retire.

the base, the island is full of beans.the above is coffee fruits, just haven't mature.ethiopia is the hometown of coffee, then the middle of nowhere you can find a full set of coffee ware in farm.

the island.village in a hurry to see the paintings on the walls of the church, very urgent.the emperor behind shout:small kind son, this posture, do you think is ever crossed the yalu river?

the island road on both sides by various vendors fill, above, coffee girls in ethiopia's traditional national costume.if you don't hurry, might as well in this little delay, drink a cup of coffee with aromatic of ethiopia.

here is making coffee for the guest girl

doing business is not entirely on both sides of the lane and vendors, begging the old man is a farmer.

these two little age is not big, but also on the road to start a business.

a convent walked back to the dock, encountered the teenager in the image above, but see him face round, smooth forehead, nose, tall and straight, angular lips strange mixture of the stubborn and gentle temperament, is the angel on the wall like a church.village women can not help but trance, until the boatman once again sounded the motor, was gradually turning clear.then in gondar, into the head of the church, angel when the village lay back down on the ground looking at the top of the head countless angels, mind over and over is the boy is like--just like an angel.

the emperor wrote:what a beautiful essex girl.

guess the two pieces were hung stone is why?

the stone walls and stone road on the island of


this is not a yurt, is a church on the island.

during the visit, a middle-aged uncle france suddenly fierce spray nosebleed, paper towels used blood all over the ground.village women rushed up and make its lean back slightly, depend on themselves, and patted his forehead, check blood later on.they are amazing, man white-haired mother bother to thank, repeatedly asked whether the village women nurse or a doctor.village women admitted without medical experience, said:"i used to work for your france's largest pharmaceutical companies, speaking only of medical knowledge or you taught.but this is about every chinese know method of soil."

the ship, such as a monk sitting next to us, the language, both sides have to communicate with a smile.

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