american: but this distressing before came to china?see westerners reply bright eyes

the nineties of the last century, the chinese have been"hot"abroad, the people to travel abroad or immigration, as a kind of tall, even a lot of chinese girl, want to marry to go abroad, but now, the situation with 180 degrees.foreign friends are hoping to live in china, there are many foreign girls want to marry chinese men, so that they can better appreciate the local conditions and customs of the chinese, eating chinese food.

today, foreigners come to china tourism, is common, in the 21st century ago, walking in the street if a foreigner, it's not easy thing, just like see the rare animals, to lead by one hundred, china's small cities, foreigners are everywhere, and also have a plenty of to study in china, have a plenty of travel to china, do business and settle in china.

according to 2017 data show that the number of students in china has reached 444000 people, foreigners working in china, the number was over to china than normal numbers have increased a lot, especially foreigners living in china can be approval, but also increased by 163%.

so, recent foreign a post on the site has attracted world attention, the post is about content, china has so much land area, want to come china to settle down for a period of time, from tourism, should be settled in which city, had trouble with ambivalence.

see this post, has been to settle in china's netizens blasted pot, some said to see the terra cotta warriors in xian, xian eat bread in the soup, others said, can go to beijing to see the imperial palace, eat old beijing hot pot, there are said to see the pandas in sichuan...

in the end, or media and explained specifically for the foreign friends, recommend a few cities.

beijing, the political and cultural center of china, the layout of board type, magnificent building, is a representative of the northern chinese city, if it is to go to school, can choose to beijing, it is a city of tsinghua university and peking university.

shanghai, china's largest city, business flourish, skyscrapers, glittering, in china's cities, one of the most modern metropolitan style.

in zhejiang province, since the ancient times, have above there is heaven, below there are suzhou and hangzhou's reputation, west lake scenery charming, if it is to do business, you can also view the zhejiang business mind, unique business eye.

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