here was emperor as a place of exile is acting beautiful romantic words now

the ends of the earth, sanya is located in the southwest of about 23 kilometers, is the southernmost tip of hainan island, this is a fascinating a blue sea in the south, overlooking the south china sea, charming seasky, heaving, why napa, the shore"lotus leaf, stone forest, yt.this is a charming tropical nature beautiful coastal scenery, long history unique culture and rich and colorful nationality amorous feelings is famous tourist destination, is also the first in 20 years in hainan province bright brand.

this is the southernmost tip of hainan island, nature is the ends of the earth."tianyahaijiao"in chinese means the end of the world, on behalf of the distant sparsely populated place, so in ancient times there were emperors as a place of exile.this was considered a desolate, distant land is now a beautiful, romantic words.

here can not help but reminiscent of the 80 s familiar song, please come to the end of the world.the ends of the earth, the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, make here from time to time to see the pairs of lovers, or even a white-haired old man hand in hand to this, let a person feel happiness peaks, it's a place where has a special meaning, don't take your another companion is not to regret.quietly walking in the sea water waves and sea breeze blowing watch the sunset on the rocks, it is a wonderful picture.

bay beach size one hundred rock stands,"tianya","the ends of the earth"and"south tianyi column"stone abrupt, meanwhile, hold my head up, very spectacular.famous south sky pillar, rmb 1986 version of the two designs on the back of the is the scenery of the"south tianyi column"figure.

this is the end of the scenic area of the earliest carved stone, engraved with"sea to south day".is 53 of the reign of emperor kangxi in the qing dynasty qin days inspect an imperial serve emperor kangxi and sealed in this sea of stone carving, as a chinese territory boundaries of heaven and earth.nantian refers to the sun line areas,"sentence"is to be separated, separation of the"sea"is one of the south china sea."sea to south day"means:"the south china sea"in the"sea to south day"punishment for"country".

"tianya stone"is also called the"peace stone", it started, more than the top of the south china sea, going through the test of wind and the waves, it is still strong, a proud smile under the blue sky white clouds.according to legend it stands on the south china sea is"shi zu"hundreds of millions of years, was sent to guarding the south china sea, pray for the south china sea is calm, bless all every year tourists from all over the world in front of the"peace stone"blessing of peace.

"the cape"stone is also called"lucky november 1938, command the highest military and chief executive in the war of resistance-qiongya hainan island in the garrison commander wang yi in the ends of the earth the cliff cliff connecting wrote"the cape"2 words, show the determination to fight against the japanese invaders.after seven years of hard resistance, wang yi as surrender of hainan general accepted the surrender of,"cape"stone is also called"lucky".

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