grandpa mother-in-law came to see me during pregnancy is too cold i resign with eva after giving birth to son

during pregnancy has been hold out until the last one month to go home to work, during her in-laws sister-in-law come to shenzhen to play for a few days, saying is to look at me, bring a lot of belly lung sheep gut head meat, my husband and i are doesn't seem to agree with this kind of things, the most main is you won't do to eat.three round-trip airfare, hotel, scenic spot tickets, even is the bus fare is we pay, about this, i had no opinion, after all, is the husband family, it's not easy to a trip to the distance, and the husband early reservation of flights, hotels, planned itinerary.i want to work, the husband accompany at ordinary times, the weekend is a family of four, they actually said that i'm pregnant, do not have to run around and have a good rest at home, well, me this stranger available do not affect you have a family reunion.

then until i have to get back to the delivery, did not make a phone call to ask me, let alone served one day.think of me carrying a big belly to work so hard as grandparents should not be concerned about it?every day is too cold, want grandchildren all is false?

the last month of the husband i will come back home to continue to work, i was alone in the husband's family to give myself, accustomed to alone, so what things are to do on my own, also is package listing early pieces good buy pack good, nothing to worry her mother-in-law, my mother also said a lot of things are my mother-in-law to worry about, i had good sleep and eat a lot of exercise.but see more is due for a week, mother-in-law seems to have nothing ready, like what all don't know.until i saw the red to go to the hospital, her mother-in-law say what not to buy some toilet paper take the past ah, ok, waiting for you to buy anything, day lily is cold.don't complain will only make the family happy, also is ready early.

one day around her mother-in-law called me to solemnly told me, your dad and i said, if you have a grandson is like to help you with the children in the past, don't bore you don't want to regeneration, if is a granddaughter won't help you with, you have to want a second child.i laugh at that time, what s, also favor boys over girls, born a few also doesn't depend on you, love was born a few born several, can have ability raise, what are you in charge.furthermore, even if you really want to, don't have to say with me, to say that how to don't wait for your son at home?as an old man, this really appropriate, know what would want to after the child is born, born i haven't time grandma and grandpa began to abandon me?

i later gave birth to a son, because my father-in-law mother-in-law in confined only grandson son, husband eyes didn't serve good i, my mood is bad, eat bad again, milk supply, confined in the son didn't eat satisfied, became thinner, the confined i embrace son kept back, breast milk ok a month's time to recover the son fat in vain.because the husband went back to work, in addition to be inoculated i seldom go back to the husband's family, not to say that the boy will help me, thank you no, both men and women, i am capable to raise of themselves, do not trouble the old man, since you busy do reluctant, i resigned myself with eva, although the plight tired point, but bring your own rest assured, comfortable have no obligation to help me take grandson, i didn't also the obligations pension for you, who have children who take, who have parents who support.

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