after retirement, how free line abroad

"to travel after retirement"micro letter club sixth period share the topic is"how to free line"in foreign countries.

after retirement, a lot of friends all like to travel, there are a lot of people like to travel abroad, but most of them are join the swim team.

today, we will be free and you about how to abroad.

we this period of the guest speaker was a friend from shenzhen, she retired in 2011, has left a 50 countries, there are twenty countries are one free.

guests from travel actual problem is divided into five parts for the member friends made in detail.

guest share notes

my share of problems and myself free line, and netizens put forward some relevant problems here to do a summary:

1, booking travel target

if you have free time, the suggestions according to the cheap tickets and discount airline tickets to select your travel goals.

target to read on the internet strategy, a reference on the advice of friends, this link will affect our travel route, the choice of accommodation and transportation.

such as:living in the city i evening temporary decided to go to phuket, also did not see any strategy, direct booking a flight set out in the morning.

the hotel reservation is near phuket airport, although the aircraft more convenient, a few minutes to go, but it must be to play ba to the east, the second day we spent ba 500 baht take a taxi to the east.

in principle should ba east hotel, hotel will have a car to pick us up to the airport to ba east, may also be charging, but not so expensive.

i went to bangkok, thailand, plan to go to the grand palace and khao san road, so he ordered from these two places are close to the hotel, it is by reading online strategy decision.

2, a visa

visa there are three ways:

(1) find a travel agent, this is the simplest method;

(2) in taobao, this need you to get your passport and send their needed information, the price is relatively cheap;

(3) to sign the

this way will reduce the cost, puts forward some problems, but the embassy will also need to prepare a lot of data, may affect our visa, in the absence of a certain experience, had better not send sign;

(4) the electronic sign

electronic sign is a way of visa on the internet, more troublesome, not suitable for friends after retirement.

(5) be born sign

is the destination airport to a visa, need to download on the net this table below, fill out the information, and prepare a piece of two inches of white photos.

3, buy the ticket

at different times, different origin and difference in the price of the off-season and busy season.

for example:i am living in guangzhou, want to go to chiang mai, thailand, from macau is much cheaper than from guangzhou;from changsha to chiang mai will also cheap;the off-season is much cheaper than the peak season.

like again:my friend will come to chiang mai on march 9th, the order of a round trip ticket from hong kong to chiang mai is 700 yuan, and the other a friend on february 5th order of chiang mai, back and forth from fuzhou to arrive on february 9th, but up to more than 6000.

we share when it comes to the third phase of the guest, she had a web site to order of guiyang to lijiang, please just 9 yuan, whether very cool!

like traveling friends can use cookies, there will be many unexpected surprises.

4, book hotel

go abroad i book hotel are booked online, the price is not very expensive, can accept, but also good.

we can book a day, look at the situation of before you make a decision, if good will continue to place an order online, not in the hotel, will be much more expensive;if not, try a different.

book hotel to consider distance, near the scenic spot, or near the airport, choose the right.

live qinglv is also very good, is not only cheap, the most important thing is to get a lot of travel information, also can make traveling companion.

to live abroad is also a good choice of home stay facility.

this is we retire to travel club in chiang mai, thailand has a living pension point, per room per month only 8000 baht, or rmb 1600, can live two people.

on january 23 to come here, i plan to be here in two months.

5, preparing

(1) it is better to a 20-inch dragged back amphibious suitcase, rain or road go bad, you can back, in 7 kg weight;

(2) to print a copy of the itinerary(airfare and hotel electronic sheet);

(3) to print the policy, special circumstances will use;

(4) do a piece of china merchants bank multi-currency visa or master card, to any country consumption are in local currency, payment by rmb, no handling fee.

the passport, bank card, with a package itinerary, air tickets, insurance policy, cash and other precious things together.

(5) suggest to prepare a backpack, back the valuable things in the bag.

(6) the commonly used words in chinese and english written in the book, convenient for emergency use.

such as nationality, name, address, date of birth, passport, etc., in chinese and english contrast recorded in the notebook.

6, entry and exit

the entry and exit all want to fill in, the registration form on the plane, fill out the backup on the plane, don't fill can ask a flight attendant for help.

how to go further?

arrived in international airport, will be the entry this time of the need to find a place to do procedure.

use youdao translation out your ideas, looking for the airport staff to ask.

share guest told a customs clearance of tip:as long as you smile and greet away and said"hello"(hello), then give the passport to him, he asked what you have said don't understand, also don't say, really can't put the itinerary to him, he will be helpless seal to you.

7, the destination

when we arrived at the destination, there are three to do:

(1) in foreign exchange, the car will use a small change, so you want to change a little spare;

(2) to the visitors center the map:easy to find the destination;

(3) to buy phone card, bought at the airport, and let them open.

and then go to the hotel, there are three kinds:

(1) walking:when the hotel is not far away, you can use google map location, walk to the hotel.

(2) the bus:look up the bus in the google map.if the phone have no traffic, can go to ask to the visitor center, you can also use offline map.when we do on the bus when i saw only a few hundred meters away from the goal of our distance, is about to get off.

a taxi(3):to show the bus driver order screenshots of our hotel and asked the driver,"yes""no,"the driver replied,"yes"to set out, if the answer"no", to let him make a phone call to ask clear hotel.

in the process of driving, you can open the gps positioning, look line is correct, also suggest the driver himself in navigation, avoid detours.and he said"no"feel wrong.

the coordinates of the best on the map to find the hotel in advance, and then input to offline map, it is convenient in the absence of flow can be used offline map to find the hotel.

8, language problems

a lot of people are afraid to go abroad freely are the biggest problem is the language problem.

we came to this age, to learn a language, is not too realistic.

actually, language is not a free line must have conditions.

guests are all the same, and i only speak a few english words, as does not affect our freedom tour abroad.

such as:we ask for help when in trouble, we can say"hello"(hello), then open the"youdao translation"to communicate, and finally sincerely say"thank you"(thank you), you can.

if you are looking for a hotel, you can print your address to see can also to the other party and each other in english and you communicate, you can tell him"no english(i don't understand english)".

when shopping, look at you like, and said pointing to"how much(how much)", the other side in english and you say, you tell him you don't understand english, let the other side with digital representation, generally they would tell you with a calculator, or write on the paper.

at home to prepare some english words is also very good.

my landlord in chiang mai and daily communication is expressions and body language, combined with simple english greetings, we get along very well.

9, traffic

there are many kinds of transportation abroad, in order to save money, you can choose to bus and subway.

it need to do some homework before travel, learn about the local traffic condition, to the destination to try to find.

we are in bangkok airport take a taxi to khao san road is 500 baht, bus is 60 m baht.

to buy tickets when doesn't know the language?

at the best hotel will go to the place and time of the first written in english, on a piece of paper to the ticket window and give it to the conductor.

where are you going with finger or map can also.

i in chiang mai, thailand to chiang rai white temple, is to take a picture of a white temple to the conductor, and he told me what time, i chose the time i want to go, in the end she will confirm with me.

10, dining

this link to the restaurant's order, can't read the menu when how to do?

you can see what others to eat, and then use their cell phones, let the waiter look.of course before taking pictures to the consent of the other.

or use youdao translation, help to find the waiter.

in thailand, we have the price on the menu, so good choice.

11, check-in and transfer

at the airport for boarding pass first, don't know where to ask staff.give the order for your ticket to the staff, he will give you directions in number, or let him to you.

there is to see the electronic display screen, it will be displayed.

find after pass the gate, waiting to board a plane, when to the waiting staff observation, because their radio you don't understand, if everyone in the transfer direction of boarding the plane, you will ask the staff, whether to replace the gate.

all in all to observe more, ask more.

there is words and deeds to be low-key, don't be too make public, wear clothes don't too bright, don't look at a map hoopla, don't let others feel you are a tourist, it will be safer.

finally told friends:freedom abroad, language is not important, age is not a problem, important is your determination to see the world.

may friends can be happy to travel!

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