jokes are ten: stamp, with an umbrella to a pig behind the fart eye, you know what happened?

1, travel, attractions in a temple, then dropping in to play in the temple.

when i asked:"have a student tickets?"

the conductor deadpan answered,"all living creatures is equal before the buddha, no student ticket!"

2, there is a class put fart, do not say how smelly.

just when the teacher here around me, that was embarrassing me more embarrassed, didn't dare to look up after the whole time.

after class, the back of the elder brothers said to me:"the teacher is really fucking is not a thing, came up to me here to put a fart, all quick to lao tze smoked die, walked to the podium and a smile to me, i am!"

3, while go shopping by passing bad lovers are festooned with:"you just see my girlfriend?want to fight!"

"is looking at you..."i said as he touched the man's cheeks results successfully fought off them.

4, know the pig's car, you can see a pig.

once it rains, the mood is very good, took my umbrella, the princess is not can be folded, suddenly saw a pig's car, fence has a big ass, no hesitation i umbrella stamp to the pig fart eye, you know what happened?

the excrement of cats and dogs...her my life also forget not to drop.

5, after waiting all night long, operations team finally found the trail of the area near the city hotel, commanded, capture personnel to respond quickly, several seconds to uniform.

by pressing on ground area, it has no panic and despair, instead of laughter.

leadership came up, scold a way:"what are you laughing at!"

li mou hard turned his head,"ha ha ha ha...ha ha ha ha ha...tickle my meat!"

6, the day is cold, just lie down and sleep, home machine rang, because i don't have to meet at the gate of the parents, have never thought my parents as well as not to hear, but i wear clothes get up to pick up, a connected heard dad on the phone said:"give me the remote control in..."

7, there's a company to decorate, i the door to measure.

measured after found that mobile phone was gone, i take their office phone number, but always can't get through.

then find the along while finally found the, shown on the mobile phone stopped five times fraud calls.

8, go to the supermarket to buy things today, little sister see shop looks quite beautiful, and then make cashier kid sister.the husband, father, mother, brother, sister, which is not related with you?"husband", cashier sister answered without thinking, i smile mimi"aye, lovely, the wife,"shop kid sister give chen tao, fie, hate.then i dozen face is spent by her boyfriend.

ha ha ha ha, cheat you, in fact, leg also interrupted...

9, little nephew suddenly ran to the front of me, hand me took a bag of potato chips:aunt!this give you something to eat.

three thousand turn rapid rotation, my brain has a cheat!look carefully, the outer packing in good condition without leakage, but also in the warranty period, combined with his sincere eyes, no problem, then tore open to eat..

a few minutes later, he suddenly fell down on the yelling, snowballing usury:grandma!aunt give i finally a bag of snacks to steal to eat!

my mom ran out from the kitchen:death eating children why, my dear, don't go out to buy him more.!!!!!!!!!!!

10, see a slim young woman at the gate of the school to send a little girl to go to school for two or three years old, the little girl is very cute and very of appearance.

after her mother left, i bend down, and said to her:"to test your cute little sister, uncle, can your mother phone number."

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