if there are four million hangzhou nanjing wuhan this three cities choose a buy suites which seat you choose

hangzhou, nanjing, wuhan, the three are all very good city in southeast, is the provincial capital city, modernization degree is high, actually this problem should start from each person's own situation, according to the habits, mood, future, economic status, family situation, work location, where suitability, culture and so on many aspects to consider.


hangzhou, because once a"above there is heaven, there are suzhou and hangzhou"and become the embodiment of heaven in people's impression, also because of the"butterfly lovers","white snake"and put on beautiful romantic veil.

excluding story, just to see the city is also very good, although the economy is very developed but not apathy in big cities, where the milk of human kindness super strong!and hangzhou is, after all, mr ma.;;, really is too convenient, go out without a penny can, and hangzhou is very safe, very suitable for hanging out of the main street, is very suitable for work life.


it's a beautiful city, a profound history and natural landscape and cultural landscape are very bad, there are a lot of nice place to enjoy the rich culture breath.was impressed by the presidential palace, vigil qinhuai river is also very good.

called jin lingcheng in nanjing, jiangsu and zhejiang scenery is very beautiful, but the beauty of jiangsu relative to the beauty of the zhejiang more elaborate, if hangzhou is a good family, then nanjing is small jasper, see oneself be fond of~


in the tang dynasty poet li bai in the write down"in the yellow crane tower the jade flute, jiang may fall the plum blossom", so the wuhan since ancient times is also called the"river".culture, classical and modern city.scenery is pretty good, a lot of fun.jianghan road building is very impressive, yangtze river bridge at night is very beautiful, it's worth taking the time to look for food of lane, also can be the sakura in the season of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

in wuhan is also a hot and passionate, inland city in the south is also very rich, but summer is also one of the four big stove, remember the summer!

consider many, many, according to the habits, future, economic status, work location, where suitability, and so on many aspects to consider would be in trouble.

if by instinct and preferences, there are four million in the three cities to buy a house, i would choose hangzhou as comfortable, and the natural scenery and the tools of the modern is very good, very suitable for life.

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