and famous chinese tourists have been included in the blacklist spring festival tourism emergency stop uncivilized behavior

recently, a yunnan outbound tourists, because smoking in the cabin by the national tourism administration listed in the"tourist uncivilized behavior records,"records period for 3 years.when we see this kind of information, the heart is very angry.feeling is totally lost chinese face, travel is the most important is to respect the local custom.although the behavior of the incident took place in foreign travel, so soon for will have the spring festival travel peak, domestic travel will surge.

let say the outbound tourism, domestic tours we as tourists how to obey the rules of the travel is worth discussion.the following inventory during the spring festival travel most prone to hot spots of uncivilized behavior.set a good example to avoid improper behavior.

1.the terracotta warriors in xian

the spring festival travel will see huge attractions is the terracotta warriors, because the window across the cultural relic, tourists want to see need to close to, if you don't learn to obey, to squeeze will be squeezed only quarrel happens.

2.hangzhou west lake

one of the most popular places each year holiday, people walk without the broken bridge has been the norm of the holidays.before there are news reports a lot of tourists in west lake wash feet, seriously affect the city of hangzhou.the spring festival travel to hangzhou, be sure to pay attention to individual tourism image.sanya


this year's cold wave duration long, believe that many people in the northern or southern already can't stand this weather, chinese new year in sanya trip booked early in the spring of the most popular destinations sanya as the spring festival travel to people much more special, and parent-child family give priority parents more was to teach children, are responsible for sanya ecological, keep the water clean.

4.yunnan lijiang

is yunnan ethnic minorities, the ethnic minority areas should do as the romans do.especially lijiang are often opinion on hot spots, more need to pay attention to your behavior, don't trouble do it politely.

what other domestic hot spring festival travel destination is the most vulnerable to the uncivilized behavior?welcome message

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