because to chinese visa now rich in this country

as its neighbors in our country, it must be very lucky work, whether it is south korea, japan or vietnam, every year in our country to take on a person, especially in recent years, following the global integration has become increasingly sophisticated, travel abroad has become a fashionable, whenever the holidays in china foreign businessmen and even bothered than domestic, try every way to make people can to consume in our country.they all know is the god of wealth in china, surely that money is not just out of the countries with a blink of an eye, when the holidays can see our country people crazy to buy buy buy news in foreign countries.

because our country people have strong consumption ability, so every country is jealous market in our a the most iron country pakistan and china also announced on january 19, visa-free policy, for our country tourists actually pakistan about open tourists visa-free policy in our country a lot of people think that to a little later, as the iron and our cooperation is the tacit understanding, the friendship must is iron man, the iron citizens is also expressed in practice practical action the enthusiasm for chinese tourists.been to pakistan people would say that, our country people in pakistan's top vip treatment, that must be through the customs and the green light.must have a lot of people have a doubt, is so welcome people to travel in china, why not open early visa-free policy?pakistan is not silly, actually could not lay don't want to earn money, is mainly due to the domestic situation before pakistan has not been very stable, north often attack commotion, if early to open the visa-free, are more likely to do more harm than good.

of course visa-free visa-free elements in pakistan still limited to the airport now, temporary road hasn't open visa-free policy, about the iron on visa-free policy, tourists also enthusiastic echo in our country, numerous and complicated with actions to support our friendship.followed to travel tourists are increasing in china, japan and south korea have bit of sit still, more south korean media have suggested that pakistan have?how can you compare with south korea!before the two countries has been the chinese tourists to travel abroad the most popular destination, is our country the tourists as the gold master, but with japan and south korea has released no love signals, but also by some countries to lord of dumb money more tourists in china when people, chinese people spent money also achievements by less than the respect they deserve, in chinese tourists stay in japan also attack several days ago, in turn, lead to physical things, more and more people are beginning to realise, beginning ill feelings once ardent, japan and south korea.

to hear the news of pakistan visa in china, china's net friend indicated that:the hard to avoid signing also want to visit pakistan, not silly to spend money on to his love of country, people in our country is rich, but not to spend money also let a person look down upon, to spend money on a real love of country, we carry out the number of people traveling to pakistan and travel to japan and south korea number is just a drop in the ocean, but trust follow visa-free policy fall to the ground, there will be more people to the mystery of the country in pakistan.about pakistan open visa-free, are you willing to travel to pakistan?if let you in japan, korea, and choose a destination, you can choose where to go?

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