japan is more than four northern islands this map to tell you the answer

every day a lot of people think that the japanese wrapped in wool, to the four northern islands:etorofu, kunashiri, battered and habomai islands?it's not.

in the definition of the northern islands of japan, the four is only part of it.look at a map, north of etorofu, there is a list of about 1300 km long island chain, will china's north sea(the so-called okhotsk sea), gram completely sealed.this island, called the kuril islands, this is japan's passionate turf.now on the map, a string of islands of place names are japanese name, such as the recent stroke island, sensible to island, new knowledge, to the north of shoudao.

possession of thousand years in japan, but in 1945, japan's lost, all is sue hair away from him.a long island a not all gone.this isn't day of sakhalin island south.

thousand island is necessary the portal of the hair in and out of the pacific ocean, is impossible for no reason to japan.the only can change the existing state, only fight, the winner is king.can the hair is literally who can abort?the united states didn't the bile.but the united states also hopes to thousand island belongs to japan, so it can completely removing all russian ships out of the pacific.

how japan can dream come true, perhaps only, and so on by selling oil along the emperor after class(no siberian oil and gas, the so-called emperor a dime's worth), and look at the situation.

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