a motorcycle west two miles journalists resigned arrives three kingdoms came close to lose our lives in afghanistan

a network called:"yiyi special"the net friend, used to be a reporter, the friend is also love travel, because unwilling fall silence in ordinary life, his appeal has heart in calling upon him was desperate to go to the middle east, resolutely resigned as the reporter's work, to the world's most dangerous place to record the story there.

the riding route:pakistan, afghanistan, iran, in xinjiang.before he planning the route, he has completed the cross-country motorcycle across northwest china, the start riding a rx1.

first stop pakistan:

pakistan route:sost shore, port mouth, kashmir, islamabad.

first of all from the northwest of china red rapp mark to go abroad, arrived in afghanistan, after the gill target area because the place is near the mountains of afghanistan, has a lot of uncertainty, so the risk coefficient of affirmation.

after riding in kashmir, the four police officers of iron a submachine gun drove the pickup escorted all the way through armed conflict areas, our friendship really liked!

in lahore met a muslim female riders zenith lrfn, we exchange the national flag in a shadow.

in afghanistan, the second stop:

route:in afghanistan kabul-bamiyan-herat.there is no doubt is the world's most unstable in afghanistan and the most dangerous place.

the river a bunch of afghanistan's brother in the rest.

the afghan women wearing only eyes blue wave card

in kabul, found a chinese restaurant, the boss gave me a sense a chinese-american genuine,$260.

in kabul border between m yang and the taliban, can only wear the local clothes under emergency escape under the muzzle of the taliban.

in afghanistan met a man named mr sharif's martial arts teacher, he sold all possessions in afghanistan after opening a new and professor in the enlightening chinese martial arts, so also often suffer from the power of the local traditional death threats.

the third stop:iran

route in iran:islamabad-making boolean

december 7th to islamabad, was going to continue to ride a motorcycle, because in areas where the local taliban control in peshawar in transit, if you find a chinese man on the motorcycle, it was finished.they will put people together in a prison for ransom.after hearing the afghan the teacher's words, i have to give up the idea of riding, dispose of motorcycle in pakistan, then bought a ticket to iran in islamabad.to see the chinese embassy here in the armed police, everyone have a gathering together, psychological was extremely excited.

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