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"unbelievable"star wars"was taken away from where we have only a mile and a half.we have some surreal"hot topic in this month.bar owner hugh said farren said.

farren said his bar 's bar in ennis gottfried helnwein peninsula malin head, in order to commemorate the occasion, his side of the wall in the bar coated with yoda murals.

a closely watched"the star wars 8:the last of the jedi"finally sprung in the movie scene perfect present the future sense and desolate feeling, at the end of the world and setting of the film is irish wild atlantic road(wild atlantic way) and the surrounding villages.

due to the cast and left a deep impression when choose a location, thus extending from clare county to county cork and county kerry and doni al gore county highway appear in the film.

with the hit of the movie, these scenes also gradually became the"web celebrity."when you come here, you can imagine the wild atlantic, steep cliffs, is how to be in perfect background:the world's most beautiful peninsula dingle peninsula has a magnificent cape, tin bill angle hives cabin...but locals also like hugh farren said, very happy"the force"came to town.

wandering in the town, in an instant across to the bud, and the story of luke skywalker, battle with dark forces while step by step into an alien journey.

brow angle


it was star wars in brow angle shot the rugged caves and mines the scene in the film.angle of the award-winning mei visitor center here tells local long maritime history for you.

crook haven


there is a famous fishing village crook haven bit:here is the people from their homes by boat to the united states the last port of call.there's a play traditional music, but also the heaven of water sports enthusiasts.might as well to visit mr crooke haven pub, while drinking, listening to them to tell you what luke skywalker came to town.

skellig michael island,

skellig michael

this place in unesco's world culture heritage site is the earliest 6th century a group of brave monks dwelling place, and here only allow a limited number of visitors each year and climb the dizzying steep stone steps, and only permitted this ship operators can dock on the island.but this does not affect you to take a boat to travel around, kelly green island:from the potter maggie boarding, appreciate the mark hamill said"it is difficult to describe in words".

potter maggie


before the arrival of the"star wars"cast, potter maggie just a busy fishing village has a magnificent views.but it quickly because luke skywalker in bridge bar experience guinness stout is known.and the cast and the actors morris hotel and restaurants are located here.

tin bill angle

sybil point

is located at the heart of the grandeur of the road of wild atlantic attractions, hives hut copy landscape did not leave any impression, and even a stone brick, crew and actors in the film after make this vision completely recover to the original appearance.to appreciate the scenery here, should be along the path to barry furth village, to wander beal ban beach, here is influenced by the local people love of an unknown destination.



busy dingell the inhabitants of the town's most famous is a dolphin called fang qi.everyone seemed to enjoy his stay here, she's star was in shooting to dick mike pub.bean cafe in dingle, justin and luke burgess recalls:"until after some people at our store, realize that they are the crew!"

lupu angle

loop head

to climb to the cliff lupu angle can really get a good view of the magnificent cliffs, caves under the wave impact, and standing on the ends of the earth more than 340 years for the sailors indicate the route of the lighthouse, all this is explaining an inalienable origin between the land and the sea.here keating 's bar called"closest to the new york bar", also is in the united states the best place when stars homesickness.

gill base


the town of living in a shelter gulf between, more than 150 years there has been a popular holiday resort.can also be in cary holt went to sea, see the dolphins.

malin head

malin head

the extreme north of the town, in the weeks of time, like an alien world:over millions of years the waves on the rock of underground cave, carved out was shot the scene.farren said 's bar boss even on the walls painted a picture of a huge mural yoda, will relish to every guest tells luke skywalker come here to drink beer with anecdotes and star wars film.

here is also worth to

rupp angle the lighthouse keeper's home

here get a 360-degree panoramic from kerry to the cliffs, a top life experience.to grasp the good time, also can furnish in iraq owen peninsula on the horizon, to see the northern lights the flowery.

the road of wild atlantic wild atlantic way

from northern doni al gore has been to cork, south of the west coast of ireland 2500 kilometers, crossing the coney mara, and shimron, galway bay and carey and other regions.along the way can find numerous signs of blue, painted with a white line, it is tourism ireland to set the"path to wild atlantic"logo, this road is ireland's most popular drive route in recent years.

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