cold simple and crude in the south of the north cold unruly wayward came here after taste

all say it is very cold in winter in the south, before not deeply understand, living in the north i particularly don't is 20 degrees below zero, in the north and the south or above freezing, there is no comparable.but in yangzhou, i instantly be damp down into the bone marrow, compared with the northern cold simple and crude, the cold more unruly and capricious.without heating and geothermal, even blowing air conditioning, sucked in air is cold and wet.the yangzhou in february still do not understand really under"march of fireworks yangzhou"share of the poetry, told me that the rains of spring be far behind?february middle reaches a rain garden, be sure to wear thick cotton-padded jacket first!

a garden is a famous chinese private gardens, to yangzhou must-see attractions, was built in the ming dynasty, in jiaqing years, was bought by the total huang liang huai salt industry business to narration, and expansion.presumably when the commercial giants generous.i buy a person of extraordinary powers curtilage is also big.

enter the garden, first there is the garden gate, covered with white wall park, typical of the southern garden architecture.have flower terraces on both sides of the door, volleys of bamboo jin ting, mene wrote to have"a garden"2 words, take a bamboo"a"word half, at the same time due to the top of the bamboo every three leaves like a"a"word, its name, it is enough to see the master love of bamboo, of course yuanming deeper meaning is linked with the name of the master.

this season, this kind of weather, swam a few on garden, no crowds, but much a few minutes clean, deserve to go up the wet weather, appear very appropriate.a garden is not very big, everywhere embodies the unique garden builders.

landscape is the most distinctive"four seasons rockery,"rock stack, strewn at random have send, garden as if a week has experienced the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons.courtyard corner design is so hard, the following each place is more exciting.

with such expectations, with cold bath, to move forward, on the way to see a variety of bamboo rattan and climb in gray metope, now season, rattan and spikes than bamboo doesn't seem to want to wake up.

because of low temperature freezing cold, the rain fell on the branches have been thin frost wrapped, the buds on before beads of rain falling, then form a glittering and translucent get rid of ice hockey.

the rain have no intention of stopping, outside still into the hall, fact, my idea is wrong, could ignite chill, even more cold than the outside when, don't let the weather affect the mood, so little people, really too for photos.

huang gutai too rich, many a garden house, are the three road sanjin house, between various deep apart.walk on the narrow alley, flanked by high walls, the walls between the wall and not far away, appear more longer narrow alleys, give a person a kind of oppressive feeling nervous, fortunately, can put the rain curtain separated.

house, one of the most famous is the main hall of is the place that welcomes a visitor, the decoration of the room is very exquisite, how put has moral, couplet of sinology hall, is said to be from banqiao, couplet, perhaps hosts for expectations of children.

yangzhou cold really not joking, although have been walking, still can't sleep any, i pattering about in the rain, the rain wet my shoes, the cold and deep part, enthusiasm, don't feel tired, just want to walk into a garden of memories.

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