the first day by oriental hawaii yalong bay

yalong bay, a half moon bay, on the southernmost tip of hainan is in the east suburb of sanya a high-quality tropical seashore scenic area, about 10 kilometers away from sanya central area.yalong bay has obvious tropical maritime monsoon climate, annual average temperature 25.5 ℃, fine soft beach stretching 7 kilometers, white and soft sand, sea water clearing the glittering and translucent, and blue.underwater world is rich in resources such as coral reefs, all kinds of tropical fish, rare shellfish, known as the"day the first bay".

yalong bay high quality beach length is about 3 times of hawaii, usa.water visibility up to 7-9 m, underwater coral reefs are very well preserves, live many forms and colorful tropical fish species, belong to national coral reef on reserve.

yalong bay is a crescent bay, this set of sun, sea, beach, green, fresh air, into an organic whole, silvery white beach, sand is quite delicate.sea water clean and transparent, no pollution, the water of the sea presents a variety of blue, and rich in underwater coral species, can clearly see the coral, is suitable for diving and other underwater activities.

here not only has the blue sky, warm sunshine, pure and fresh and moist air, rolling green hills and various rocks and original quiet mangrove forests, and the gulf of quiet, clear blue sea water clear as a mirror, the soft sand beach as white as silver."sanya return don't look at the sea, no yalong bay", this is people's sincere praise to yalong bay.

a pleasant climate, yalong bay and to escape the cold winter, summer can cool them down.beautiful natural scenery, yeying woman sha eight kilometers long coastline, with many strange flowers and pristine tropical vegetation,

today yalong bay is famous all over the world, is recognized as the chinese and foreign domestic top, worthy of the first bay"day"reputation, has been to hawaii, bali, phuket, such as the world's top along the coast.

to yalong bay should go beikeguan, beikeguan is located in the yalong bay center square, covers an area of 3000 square meters, is the first domestic with shells as the theme, popular science, exhibition and sales for the integration of comprehensive exhibition hall.

in the exhibition hall, exhibition all over the world with more than 300 kinds of typical representative shells, symbolizes purity of angel wings of the seagulls clams, famous living fossil red wengrong mules and nautilus, and so lets a person as if immersed in a sea of blue world, at the same time of amazing nature guifushengong, inspire people to love nature, protect ocean of emotions.

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