unlock the travel take you feel the thick chinese nianweier pose!


the weather gets colder, year end will come.

the spring festival, for every chinese moral, deep in the heart of every chinese, has a heavy weight, chinese new year is the most important is the family reunion.

remember childhood memories of the years, always full of the joy of busy, stick spring festival couplets, light firecrackers and people and the king, to meet the god of wealth, wear new clothes, a family reunion at spring festival gala dinner eat together...family reunion dinner is particularly rich, is probably the most abundant in the year is ready a gluttonous feast.

now, however, increasingly rich material life, without so much attention to the chinese new year festival atmosphere become more slow, more travel extensively and rushed together after separation.

nianweier?what is?

is a family of hot meal prepared a steaming the satisfaction, is the whole family sitting together and a happy new year new year's money, eat melon seeds peanuts watch spring festival gala broad range of hot strength, or the sound of firecrackers fireworks gas?there seems to be, but it's not all.i miss the festival atmosphere, is the family personally write spring festival couplets, thick ink aroma exudes a warm breath;i miss the festival atmosphere, it is handmade characteristics bring home the flavor of food;i miss the festival atmosphere, everyone gathered to watch the dragon dance lion dance or run while the iron is hot flower sweethearts, bustled and thriving in an occasion of the spring festival.

this year, to yanqing encounters a grand carnival festival atmosphere!

around the festival atmosphere, full walking around, you can be with the memory of"the festival atmosphere.

winter badaling, let a person think of:"the north scenery, freeze, you spend a lot.looking inside and outside the great wall, but more than the vast;up and down the river, flood loss.dancing silver snake among snowing mountains, the original chi wax as the god wants to compare with.must be a durk, see snow mountains, particularly enchanting.spring, summer, people mountain people sea, less much vanity jade build by laying bricks or stones in the dead of winter.snow on the great wall, saw only know how it is spectacular.standing on the great wall, the majestic walls between overhead to the mountains, i gave birth to a few minutes of heroism.

carry on the family go for a walk around yanqing, lanterns, cut grilles, dozen rice cake together, knead sugar-coated figurine, write spring festival couplets, while the iron is hot, guess riddles...to join the festival atmosphere of rich and colorful activities, enjoy the fun of a traditional new year's day.

in yanqing, watching people prepare for new year's day, as if back to a childhood simple easy slow;in yanqing, we bumped into each other and the festival atmosphere in her childhood, and i had a childhood again for chinese new year hope;in yanqing, hanging red lanterns, festooned with red everyone convey yanqing characteristic enthusiasm, more send out a festival festival atmosphere, we welcome the travelling;in yanqing, to pursue a childhood memory of the lunar new year.

what is the festival atmosphere, perhaps in the heart of every man has his own answer.actually the festival atmosphere is not just a window, not only the fireworks, also is not just a reunion dinner.the festival atmosphere, is together happy experience.the spring festival, this year, to yanqing, relive childhood memories, a tunnel in china.

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