the most embarrassing scenic spot in china

960 square kilometers of land in china, there are many beautiful scenery, has a natural, artificial, scenic area is located in where can bring huge benefits, especially some famous tourist attractions, and some local host put himself in front of the scenic spots as a cash cow, access fees, the sea to collect fees, do you not know that picked up a stone themselves in the foot, didn't they flocked to charge related to the local tourism industry with the objective of income, after charging tourists scarce, even the operation cost in don't come back, but for free, but not brilliant, embarrassed, today we said the city can be said to be the most embarrassing scenic spot in china.

so why said the city is the most embarrassing, because this site is free of charge at the beginning, there are a lot of tourists, then charge, is cool, can't, is now open for free.

so they said the attraction is one of the most embarrassing sights, you guess where is this attraction is?the scenic spot is the ancient city of phoenix, located in xiangxi tujia and miao autonomous prefecture of hunan province in the southwest of this ancient city has 28 ethnic people, scenery is very beautiful, so a lot of people to travel.

but now the attractions have not line, because commercial really is too heavy, everywhere in the sell things, don't have the feeling of before, so no people to visit here now.hope to rally the ancient city of phoenix, create brilliant!

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