wuzhizhou island is a tropical island scenery of infatuation


so wuzhizhou island in sanya is will go to scenic spots.wuzhizhou island is located in the north of sanya haitang bay, north and south bay monkey island, is relatively and south reputation world a yalong bay.wuzhizhou island away from the coastline of 2.7 kilometers, the island sea scenery is very beautiful, is one of the few around hainan island of freshwater resources and rich vegetation island.

wu state island is a tropical marine climate, year-round mild air, four seasons pleasant, is on vacation, leisure, cold weather, winter swimming, entertainment ideal place to go.island, southeast coastal rock steep, rocky cliffs rise steeply, rock reef panic-stricken, rough stone, and spray as snow, spectacular.

along the plank road on foot enjoy the beautiful natural landscape scenery, standing on high atop the, wide, the harmony, is invigorating.

central mountain forest grassland and rugged, the surrounding green space.west and north gradually flat topography, beach flat quiet here, the sandy beach, white and smooth like jade belt tiancheng.waters around the clear transparent, water visibility 6-27 meters, is the best diving base in china.waters rich in luminous screw, sea cucumber, lobster, mackerel, sea urchins and colorful tropical fish.

wuzhizhou island southern waters underwater coral reefs have to protect good, is one of the few in the world the only island without mixed rocks and pebbles.

joss is a place called the"sea culvert through the"buddhist nunnery, built in the qing guangxu years, worship is the creator of the chinese square chinese characters changjie, this is very rare in the domestic market, is worth in the cultural history of hainan a letter.after the qing fell, the buddhist nunnery, neglect the fishermen do not know for what god, hence toppled the statue, in their own navigation protector mazu.

the lover bridge, the original is a chain bridge, was shoudao forces lookout point of the sea.go on shaking chain bridge, need a few minutes of boldness and courage.so some lovers walked hand in hand the chain bridge so that the bridge has been nicknamed the"lover bridge".later, safety for the guest, the original chain bridge into the boardwalk.

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