cisse pearl characters: xinjiang deep desert strongholds in jiangnan


although effluents in xinjiang, but always graceful and restrained as one jiangnan woman.waiting for the boat, the blue water of the lake spring infinite water lily in summer the sea has fish in.autumn light golden reed branches swaying, perhaps only the sudden freeze in the winter, let us suddenly here not jiangnan.characters in the local is not just a lake, more blended in my nostalgia with gratitude, it is said that boston's agency county has a beautiful beautiful xiange:"running horse near the lake, the lake mining lotus, reed as shielding the beauty of her, how many memorable story, welcome friends come to my home, clear water, boil a cup welcome sweet tea, here you will be a lifetime, characters in my hometown..."

characters composed of pure tianshan mountains snow water collection, is china's largest inland freshwater lake throughput, xinjiang's largest fishery production base, is china's four major producers of reeds.

autumn is the most beautiful season in agency reeds, large areas, rocking gently in the wind, beautiful and magnificent.

agency of the total area of 240 square kilometers and a small lake area to do the boat and a tour by boat.

d general characters in xinjiang mongolian autonomous ancient times known as"west sea", the"sea of fish."with a total area of 1646 square kilometers of the characters are divided into the great lakes and small lakes.the lake, 1048 meters above sea level, average water depth of 10 meters, the 17 metres deep.there are about 10 billion cubic meters of water.lakes and mountains, desert and oasis, wild ducks and the water birds, and even black swan can be effluents bring us unique scenery, so here since ancient times is known as"cisse pearl".of course, some call it the xinjiang"xanadu".

since the characters is the largest fishery production base in xinjiang, and taste a whole fish meal here is the most natural, agency is rich in grass carp, crucian carp, black fish.the male fish and most notably ponds commonly known as the five black red perch.

the lake road, can through the reeds new lake view.

the lake also often have a fishing nets.

replace high clearly the figure

windmills in the reeds, the atmosphere of a little fairy tale.

golden reed that coincide with the clear blue lake.

the distant desert, near the lake and reed is a bit conflict but two-tone collocation is very beautiful.

the door of love, the lake center has a lot of artificial landscape, the most suitable for couples and new pictures.

whole fish feast, all made in boston.







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