ten years ago my cat to grandparents take care of a few days from now on will not come back!

a reddit users erkah147 ten years ago at the local shelter adopted a kitten, then shelters only it a cat alone is very poor, erkah147 mother decided to take it home, and named for its tiger(getting).while travelling in a family, they will tiger to grandparents to take care of a few days, i didn't think tiger have become grandparents cat from now on!

tiger is ten years old this year, is a net friend erkah147 returned from the shelter in ten years ago.

erkah147 said grandpa had actually don't like cat, but reluctantly agreed.

before they ever take other pets in the home to grandpa grandmother's house to play, but my grandfather always are not interested in a pair of appearance, didn't expect tiger to soothe my grandfather!it will jump on the thigh huddled up sleeping, or stay at his side, darling.the children with its unique way of grandpa quietly in the heart!

the tiger is very clever,"training"even grandparents will be to help it when it need to open the faucet in the bathroom!

erkah147 said, see the deep affection between them, she will know that here is the tiger want to home.although from then on, the tiger became grandparents cat, but she also geomagnetic visit from time to time.

soon, ten years in the past, the tiger still accompany the grandparents live.erkah147 said tiger is probably the only grandpa can accept a cat, but now they have been unable to leave each other even!

can only say that as long as the fate of the, meow star people at any time may come into your life~

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