old age pension according to make austria is the most fitting place for a pension

foley sacher austria carinthia town in one of the most ancient, the earliest history can be traced back to ancient rome, building inadvertently reveal the traces of history.is located in vienna's to the adriatic sea, relying on silver and iron ore, the town developed gradually, also attracted foreign enemy invasion, so has the high walls around the city, digging the moat outside the walls.and close at the forest built another wall, with double walls to defend the city.

foley sacher although not quite, can even see from one side of the gate opposite walls, but it has up to ten church.stroll ancient city, lift eye looks, everywhere see the towering spires, of primitive simplicity is vicissitudes of life, solemn, let a person shock.not affected by the war and the destruction of modern industry, most sites have been preserved, it is also one of the reasons why people want to live in avery sacher.

foley sacher is located in the south of the alps, guzhen town, is a mountainous much water, mild climate, beautiful environment, very suitable for living.here in winter, the cold night only about ten degrees below zero, is still in the above zero during the day, the temperature is to enjoy the snow world of perfect condition.many foreign visitors come here to play in the snow, and the joy of the game of ski, swim the snow country like poetry, while feeling the splendid culture, by the way, please get the experience of preserve one's health.

the top of the mountain of january, not too many tourists visit, the lively sacher panoramic view.continuous looked from a distance, snow mountains, pine is still green, stands on fallen snow.where, pure white snow under the blue sky.in representing hundreds of years of weathered castles and churches, more books.

habitable foley sacher, people always like to comfort, don't too willing to accept the special big changes.craigher is lively sacher a chocolate shop, make chocolate has family traditions in 104, from production to packaging are all pure manual methods.

villa pucher is metnitztalerhof family hotel restaurant, also inherits the hundred odd years, elegant environment, delicate food delicious, it is important to food is pure organic.whether old or young people are not willing to leave, people use energy to protect his life career and family traditions.

there is no industry, no city upset, have a plenty of mountains, clean air, let a person feel the deepest is a quiet and comfortable here,

carinthia people really pay attention to health and life quality, elderly people will be cast more care.foley sacher, though only a nursing home, but the scale is one of the biggest state.nursing homes abandoned the traditional model, adopt the daycare and autonomy space mode, let old people got help already, and have their own living space, care staff will carefully take care of each of the lives of an old man, even if the children's absence, can always feel the warmth of home.

superior natural environment, to provide a public lounge, library, such as restaurants, multi-functional area, let the old man in nursing home life more comfortable.as for prices, most people can afford austria, no one will be on the streets, time really is, according to the old.

foley sacher beauty is not in words can replace, long history, the scenery of the alps, distinctive customs, health food, only come here to live, to feel.in such a charming small town to spend their twilight years, that really is happy enough.

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