sanya bay lover a romantic and quiet bay

this season to say where to go, there is no doubt that hainan is not second choice.hainan is located in the southernmost tip of china, is located in the tropical north rim, is a tropical monsoon climate, who was a"natural big greenhouse"laudatory the northern cold season to hainan on holiday, for love traveling, love nature, like the sea, like colorful undersea world of tourists that is definitely a kind of enjoyment.

lover to must go to hainan sanya bay for a walk.romantic bay"lover", and the name, it is located in sanya of the touching love mountain at the foot of the mountain, and sanya bay, is relatively and five miles of the coast is coral reserves, is a small and placid fjords.lover has more than 10 upside-down crescent bay beach, each has its own characteristics, several kilometers platinum beach, sand soft white, also known as the"sea give bai jindi".

real name is whale interest bay bay lover, also known as"surprise bay".it is said that in a long time ago, there was a whale as water rafting, so called whale bay.local fishermen often capture whales here, and don't have too much energy, and harvest pleasantly surprised, also called here to surprise bay.

whale interest rates is called lover bay, bay is actually related to sanya love mountain, as a kind of symbol meaning, it has given to the romantic name,"lover bay"slowly call the person many, but the name was gradually forgotten.

there are more than a dozen beaches, shaped like a crescent, bare feet to walk in soft white beach, listening to the sound of waves lapping a reef, feel the sea breeze gently touched the face of the gentle, very enjoy.

here far away from downtown, very suitable for holiday travel.lover bay in addition to the name of the united states, is another feature of coral, is an attractive place for a lot of is a great place for scuba diving, you can dive, the sea to find out the mystery of the sea, touch the colorful coral.

you can sitting quietly at the shore fishing, night can barbecue, enjoy the food his you'll forget the noise of the city, enjoy the secret of nature.

sit the boat to go scuba diving, and enjoy the colorful coral.

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