sanya is the best small viewing scenery in dubai, i drew a circle in hainan

:the second day sanya turn-round deer park, the first market, cost 950 yuan(details attached at the end of the article)

will start around the island drive tomorrow, today need a thorough relaxation, originally want to bask in the sun at the beach, blow the wind, and my parents talk.who wants to chat, before that they haven't been to"choose" hainan island at the southernmost tip of the top of the mountain park, the touching is overlooking sanya, sanya bay dadonghai and an excellent platform, the park is not big, also won't get involved in physical strength, just take them to a trip today, as is the southernmost tip of hainan huajuaner starting point!

sanya is known as"lucheng", all because of the"touching", but here is not to say that the deer, but because of a beautiful love ancient legend li hunter guy from hainan island hinterland wuzhishan pursued a slope deer arrived in the south china sea, the little deer in the face of the mountain cliffs, the vast sea, no choice, eye restraining tears flower, looking back, the hunter guy look poor, heart of compassion, to lay down their bows and arrows, decided to it with an open hand, but don't want the fawn suddenly transformed into a beautiful woman.this deer is god sent to reveal our guy established, from then on, the girl who settled here, lived a happy life of male plow female weave.

since it is the top of the mountain park, must want to up the hill.but we can't""the mountain is not high, so can go up, and takes about half an hour, also can take 15 yuan/person of the storage battery.we are lucky, it has been cloudy in the morning, the car when suddenly it is day.

although the touching than paradise forest park, ah norda or betelnut valley can play more, but the touching sanya is definitely the best viewing platform, and near the city, the tickets are cheap, suitable for old or have a small family.building overlooking the sanya bay at the top of the mountain, especially with the complement of the phoenix island, the weather is good when it was kind of small feeling of dubai, this year's spring festival gala at the venue here in mom looked at with admiration.

phoenix island is out then fill in the island, but this a few hotel building design is great, have a light show at night is another flavor.darling had originally planned to circle back on top live for two days, the tell the behind.

in addition to touching the top of the mountain overlooking the whole sanya bay, sanya, further east, overlooking the whole dadonghai.god patronize, although we still have the clouds to the top of the hill, but the sun out, the sea is very lovely and beautiful can legitimately plaint years static is nearby and we live in sanya bay to see the west island opposite here also.

the park has a lot of wild macaques, and emeishan monkey will tube people to eat.but because the injury occurred, park managers would ban tourists feeding.

the top of the hill there are legends of deer hunter chap, slope and slope deer after transformation into a beautiful girl in the big statue.words slope deer is really is a kind of national level of protection of endangered animals, only hainan has in our country, and only wuliushitou, but not in sanya, but in the west of hainan east field and white sand creek abroad only cambodia, india, laos, myanmar, but also faces the crisis of extinction.we are also planning in roundabout trip after the east field slope deer nature reserve.

i wish my parents also like the legendary co-eds happiness forever.

all know hainan coconut is characteristic, but in fact coconut points a lot of kinds, green coconut coconut, gold, red, coconut, glutinous rice, coconut and so on, we usually eat is the cheapest green coconut, but gold is the most delicious coconut and coconut glutinous rice.sanya street green coconut usually is 8 yuan/, the scenic is 10 yuan/a.scenic area in the frozen gold 15 yuan/a coconut, although more expensive than green coconut, but if not in red coconut as gold coconut also calculate, thinking of scenic spots should not be nonsense and bought a and juice was sweet to my taste.

after drinking juice don't throw out, vendor will open the coconut, coconut, dug up the golden coconut coconut really good, no hard no acerbity, soft q, sweet and fragrant glutinous rice with milk.

while eating delicious golden coconut, side to admire the beautiful beautiful sanya bay, it's hard to in a bad mood.

mountain cliff and joking, one thousand hotel, love words, husband and wife tree, such as small landscape, full of hope red rope yuelao landscape is the most popular of the tree.

turn-round deer park, though no special tropical rain forest park to see the more fragrant, but ecology is good also, look at the mountain pineapple is few guessed it.

we can't swim is rice, called a first drops to sanya is famous for seafood market is 15 minutes and 14 dollars.but this is the first market to darling found for the price is high, more than doubled from two years ago, think tomorrow on the island, passes through many fishing port terminals, such as ledong yinggehai bai majing fishing port of wharf, danzhou, mannings and port in the town of north wharf, etc., you know,"hainan four jane"and crab from the port of north wharf, and very famous port after north prawns and ann mullet are out there, where the price must be much more economical than the first market, simply would not be in sanya for suckers.

so open mobile phone review, continue to look for near no.1 seafood group, found that wu xiao pang and moustache as everyone knows, decided to try wu xiao pang, later found out that he and a mustache and almost too close to the position.taste and darling before an article,"i drew a circle on the hainan(1), freshness don't have to worry about, is small.say the boss is not, after all, group purchase price, the lower is the smallest, but must ensure that is addition to the group, also can order, the shop is a lot of these two days to eat regular, a pair of small couples still crying yesterday in the market has been slaughtered and handling fees for experience.

want to eat big seafood, some don't live close to ask the home stay facility can't cook?if you don't go around the island at sanya, darling also for you to find the solution, please click to see:the sea urchin 10 yuan a processing fee to 20 a, how to eat seafood in sanya to eat?".although the price would be more expensive than circle of the pier, but at least can eat not the heart is bleeding~

the next day to spend 950 yuan, details:

1, we can't ‪ tickets:45 yuan/person(free) over the age of 70, if by storage battery 15 yuan/person, buy online have preferential, ticket+(35.4 yuan/person.there is also a night after 18:00 ticket rmb 180/person, in addition to see the night lights, can also take free drink beer.

2, meal:group purchase of 238 yuan, 95 yuan breakfast, fruit and other

3, cars:53 yuan

4, address:498 yuan


1, the turn-round deer park opening hours:7:30 to 22:00

2, want to eat seafood in sanya can't make and eat happy, please look carefully:"the sea urchin 10 yuan a processing fee to 20 a, how to eat seafood in sanya to eat?", would like to know in sanya and short lived long how to rent a house please see:"sanya two-bedroom apartment home stay facility to more than 2000 spring festival! want to go to sanya for the winter?"

next article we will officially open on the third day trip to hainan island's drive, want to know can click on the first day of travel:<strong>i drew a circle on the hainan(1).</strong>

don't want to be with!also don't want tips!how to use the most economical cost on the road to enjoy the best experience?more comfortable and full of tours, road trips, do pay attention to wander between the perceptual and rational"dramatic darling".

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