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adjacent lunar new year holiday, a lot of friends are called i gave them recommend some suitable for tourism place, general requirement is less people, jingmei, high cost performance.cost-effective, the place where i first thought is to thailand, because the traffic is convenient, opened a lot of domestic flights to fly to bangkok, phuket, chiang mai and other popular tourist city.jingmei, gave me the impression of not bad, thailand bangkok have modern urban fashion, chiang mai have a leisurely and comfortable, peaceful town phuket has clear blue water.but these places have a lot of, in addition to the chinese, european and american people also come to this cost-effective countries on vacation, or how to say it's all over the world in thailand?

today to recommend this place is i with parents, in february 2016, located in southern thailand, a coastal city called krabi, at the same time satisfy the people less, jingmei, and cost-effective, whether friends, lovers, family outings are very suitable.


krabi in southern thailand, close to the island of phuket, but this place is not there are a few domestic cities opened a direct flight to krabi, but more for charter flights, the price is on the high side.can choose to fly from domestic to bangkok, and then from bangkok flights to krabi, bangkok and krabi round-trip flights a day a lot, and more for low-cost airlines, the price is relatively cheap.accommodation

krabi accommodation more concentrated in krabi city, the south beach and orchid island.the south beach is the most lively krabi is also one of the most famous beaches, similar to ba east beach, phuket restaurant bar from soup to nuts, krabi city and airport are quite close, become the first place of travel to live naturally.orchid island is a little far away, is located in the south of krabi, from krabi airport by car to orchid island need about 2 hours.the orchid island of basic can't see the asians, are almost all european and american people lying on the beach in the sun and reading a book, with a lot of children to orchid island on if you want to choose a place for quiet seclusion, orchid island is not wrong.


to the beach, of course, is little not seafood, krabi's seafood is very fresh, and the price is cheap, because not many people come to this place tourism, price is much lower than the phuket.can also to try local food street, native starch, grill, and thai food is very delicious, many restaurant owners and chinese descent.


in thailand after what has never been to the landscape, until came to the island of the rok island of isolated islands, here some quiet in thailand is not only different from other tourist area, more colors as a transparent glass clear and the rok island island hopping is i highly recommended, because came to the place you will find that it is not just a piece of sea, is a mood, the color is in the quiet of a dream.

if you want to challenge the limit of exciting sports, can choose to participate in rock climbing, krabi is 460 climbing route, limestone cliffs here is the most ideal place to rock climbing, there are many professional company and facilities of the rock climbing training.can also choose to scuba diving, krabi marine resources are very abundant, and protection is better, to dive under the water level close feeling the colorful coral and bring the charm of forms of tropical fish.

if you just want to quiet pleasure to relax, you can choose to visit the jade pool, bubble hot spring, watching the lake, in the jungle, softer side show in thailand.

after a day of travel, and enjoy a unique to the thai massage, relieve tiredness of a day, loosen body and mind.

like krabi in thailand, actually there are many, but there was no known by often is to try the others no path, to see the different scenery.

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