to avoid be pit sanya?hainan should play!i drew a circle on the hainan

at the end of 2017 is undoubtedly painful for darling, two heart love lost, especially with the 12 years of death let me walk, or even a family is not here right order to get out of the sad, little lady decided to take my parents go out to relax.

love southeast asia island of drive's father in the comfortable lying, and need hands-on emphatically chose between hainan island road around the island road.or take a not regular but colorful lines will always get the unexpected surprise and fact, we regret it!

after decided to go to hainan island, darling begin planning route, thought circle highway only six hundred miles of a small island with a few days time, but one thing, if serious, you will find lots of fun.

we only know sanya before the public attractions, such as tianyahaijiao, wuzhizhou island, tropical rain forests, but don't know in the 3.44 square kilometers of hainan island has a different style of the beach, not only can collect crabs, pick up shells, can also pick up to larger than even the face of the sea pomfret;with li's original form, the woods are full of within easy reach of wild papaya, jackfruit and don't call on the name of the blended;with thousands of years ago the eruption of the volcano, and use of the ancient volcano wonderful salt, and comfortable natural geothermal hot springs;su dongpo was banished to teach college, had a look at a can love to the bone of my old house;86 version of"journey to the west"the wu is empty birth location, with qiao and xiaoping youth ensemble yard;with hundreds of army force in the people's liberation army 1950 qiongzhou strait liberation of hainan, a 2016-year-"the long march 5"launch pad.

as a greedy little lady, must also plan to eat four big famous dishes in hainan(wenchang wenchang chicken, qionghai aggradation duck, mannings and crab, mannings east goats), and four jane mannings(and crab, east goats, mullets, hong kong north prawn) after.for seafood, of course, want to go to the local port to eat authentic taste.

so, not ten days would be swallowed.since time is not short of drive, simply give up the drive, save energy, to rent a car again.a total of 15 days, to hainan to play the entire population.the water could not, of course, but absolutely wonderful, wonderful memories.

you said so to play will be deceptive hainan kill death?the answer is not, with a high cost performance, than during the spring festival in sanya to play stupid hu was much more low cost.drew a circle on the hainan after darling must for hainan local people as they really honest good, the way to lay down their hands when they work, clearly tell you how to get;eat and stop never let more, large amount of something delicious also send;said seafood, will also take the initiative to control the water dry, minus two to remove with the weight of said finally, see his mouth chewing betel nut, is full of trust and favor.

then, darling will according to the daily plan or schedule to have the same idea of a friend to introduce a detailed road guide book.

i drew a circle on the hainan(a)

the first day of the beijing-sanya, sanya bay, in addition to the ticket cost 795 yuan(details attached at the end of the article)

because darling and my parents have been to sanya before, a few popular scenic spots have you visited, so don't want to do more to stay in sanya, the only one and a half days they stay around the island.

short lived, of course, hope i can live on the island to the sea to see beautiful scenery, near the beach, ready to play water.but when winter, whether in sanya bay, yalong bay and dadonghai beach five-star hotel prices almost no less than 1000 rmb per night is infinitely more expensive(spring festival), three adult family also no sea view room, unless set between the two.instead of two hotel room, choose two residents of linhai, satisfy his desire to watch the sea, can the family together again, if you have interest, can oneself buy cooking seafood.

many benefits, darling chose sanya bay on ants short rent a good many two residents of the lodge, price 498 yuan/night in december, the landlord also kindly sent a free pick up, pocket and without bleeding can let the family was facing the sea, the warm winter flowering.

opposite the west island, extremely good on the vision.advice has been to or want to go to the maldives, the great barrier reef diving or southeast asia kisses are not near the sanya island diving, including wuzhizhou island, boundary chau island and west island.better than domestic offshore underwater resources destruction, fish and coral is not much, see if there are any big wind, poor visibility, the cost is more expensive than foreign too much, is not cost-effective, as this more beautiful at a distance.

a coconut, see the ebb and flow on the balcony, clouds scud across~

the benefits of sanya seaside live and can see the sunset west, in the evening and the morning to see the sunrise to the east, and even if it's cloudy day, after the clouds that plumes of sunlight and the rosy clouds dyed the sky red is intoxicating.

how i met your mother is very satisfied with the hotel, in addition to sleep, mostly in the room all the time in the big balcony.

downstairs five minutes walk to the sea, yalong bay sanya bay sand is not good, but also fine enough, sandy beach a lot of photography lovers, is the taste of happiness.

the sea mood always related to the color of the day, the sun came out, it was glad to blue, the sun hide, self-identify it melancholy, but neither is blue, green or jelly color, here are all warm without haze.

i walk, you in heaven okay?i still will take you through all mountains and waters!

when hungry, enthusiastic landlord just sent text messages to ask without eating, is going to do myself or go out for dinner?the first day of the aircraft lawton affirmation is to go out to eat, the landlord caring reminder if eat seafood in the outside, must group-buying, choose evaluation of the best restaurants in group-buying, near this will avoid being slaughtered, you save the fare.

"listen to a person, eat rice."immediately search ranking the first group of restaurant nearby, make a phone call in the past, the other party immediately drove to pick, have to say something fresh, affordable, service enthusiasm, than in the seafood market bought again spend processing fee for too much.

a grouper, a plate of white shrimp, a plate of fried flower sea clams, a plate of small scallops, a dish of vegetable, a coconut rice, a potted flower clams wax gourd soup, a total of only 253 yuan, three people eat the belly slanting.

hainan people put all of the clam shellfish generally referred to as the screw, so if you see what is on the menu what screw, don't think that is the way conch, most shellfish.for example, they spend the clams called the white screw.

group-buying is mass creature weakness is seafood, size is not big, after all, people also want to control the cost, but the cost control is in the tooling, not secretly quality, also will not die in live, much less a processing fee is to be bought as a double seafood.

but also not all seafood market so bad, but the market has fallen, about how to buy seafood in sanya, little lady behind a dedicated.

the first day to spend 795 yuan, details:

1, the group dinner:253 yuan

2+water, fruit:44 yuan

3, accommodation, 495 yuan


1, about living:short live if graph save trouble also is not bad money, choose five-star hotel seaview room directly;if you want to economy and better, can choose the home stay facility.if you want to stay a few months or half a year, can click to see:the sanya two-bedroom apartment home stay facility to more than 2000 spring festival! want to go to sanya stay for the winter?".don't want to live in a noisy and the cost is relatively high, sanya after darling in the island's travel everywhere i share to the local housing prices and rents.

2, about what to eat, eat seafood in sanya if you don't want to be slaughtered, or near the top of group purchase, or the market to buy it yourself, go to the market, also don't go to the market this big names prices high, still water, suggest go shopping in local market, like jiyanghong port market.hotel close only choice and processing, but the high processing fee equal to sanya was bought a seafood, such as sea urchins, 10 yuan/, toll fee to 10 to 20 yuan/, therefore suggest that love to eat seafood dear friends live in a home stay facility.

3, on the line:play drops car a lot, there is a third party billing and management, the driver generally can't fooling around.if you drive, must open mobile navigation, the whole hainan various unexpected limit.

the next day, we continue to sanya to have overlooking the beautiful sanya bay, a touching love story, take a look at the market has become a what kind?talk about getting more exactly what should eat seafood in sanya?welcome dear friends attention"i drew a circle on the hainan"series.

don't want to be with!also don't want tips!how to use the most economical cost on the road to enjoy the best experience?more comfortable and full of tours, road trips, do pay attention to wander between the perceptual and rational"dramatic darling".

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