he spend thousands of dollars from tibet to beg for a daughter-in-law gave birth to two girls after three years he took to the point of no return


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ingrid is my neighbor.her appearance doesn't look like a native, heavy, long black lashes, high stand of bridge of the nose, curly hair, tall shape.

she still is tibetan, named mao, maiden in naqu tibet.

when i was six or seven years old, can't marry a wife in the village of young people have to tibet for daughter-in-law, like from the south to vietnam bride, spend a few thousand dollars to be return with a beautiful girl.

my neighbor uncle chen xuan, namely ingrid's father is a butcher, work in the county town of slaughterhouses.

you might suppose chen xuan uncle had a formal job, can easily get to a wife, but he was born the pie face, full of acne, face bumpy, uneven, coupled with his hot temper, voice rang and thick, so nobody wants to marry her daughter to him.

one year chen xuan boarding with uncle with young people in the village went to lhasa for daughter-in-law.loose mao ayi is daughter-in-law chen xuan uncle brought back from tibet.wedding day, i remember is summer, hot weather, chen xuan uncle in order to save money did not even try, i just send some fruit to neighbors, friends.

chen xuan uncle married after mao ayi, don't stay at home a few days to work in the county slaughterhouses.every saturday night back home for half a day, the second day afternoon again to go to work, at home only 60 s grandma and loose mao ayi.

of course, when they get married chen xuan uncle like everyone buys a new sofa, tv, vcd, tea table.

when my family is poor, only tv, vcd.nothing, pine mao ayi at home every day, carefree to put nice rhythm of tibetan song and dance music.she is very intelligent, time is not long, you can understand our dialect, just also can say a few words of chinese.she often invite my mother to her home watching dvds.occasionally, i also will follow.her family a lot of disc plate is tibetan song singing and dancing, of course, there are some movie cds.

starring jet li that i was in the"shaolin temple"mao ayi watching at home.

in the second year of spring, pine mao ayi shall be born.chen xuan tertiary in advance please leave to take care of her, but it gave birth to a girl.after chen xuan uncle heard that was a girl, did not even take the name, and back to the county work.the old woman at a birth, named ingrid.

days common after two years, the third in loose mao ayi gave birth to a girl.this has no face very much let chen xuan uncle, he like all the stubborn man in the village-the desire to want a boy never extinguished, as if there is a boy has the dignity of the living.loose mao ayi gave birth to a girl again, however, take him again mercilessly douse the fire of hope.

at that time, the neighbors often hear chen xuan uncle scold beaten pine mao ayi, pine mao ayi abuse the voice of the cry.they quarrel, fight, break something, when ingrid will always go to my house for my mother to stop the fight.my mother and neighbors advised chen xuan uncle a lot, but he wouldn't listen, beat and scold loose mao ayi slightly unsatisfactory.

, even once, i moved to a small table, in my house when the homework.suddenly, i heard the pine mao ayi screams, the abuse and cries came again for a while.

i immediately ran to the walls, climb the wall to ingrid home yard, turned out to be lift the loose mao ayi chen xuan uncle beating on their pear trees.

i immediately shout on the mother and father to persuade chen xuan uncle, when we arrived at the yard, heard the noise of the neighbors also counsel to come.the men driving the chen xuan uncle arm pull him back to the room.women put loose mao ayi from pear tree down.at this moment, i saw ingrid behind the coal shed was shivering like a rabbit.

go home, my father can not angrily scold a way:"chen xuan the beast...no personal kind..."

ingrid, at four years of age, with a loose mao ayi men ran away, never came back.

it is said that the man is loose mao ayi hometown's cousin, also some people said that the next village, is the man that is a hui nationality.but, who also don't know exactly that the origin of man.

pine mao ayi fled after, my mother said to me quietly, well, just bitter ingrid and her sister.

chen xuan uncle also to find a few back to lhasa, but loose mao ayi like water vapor, in the world disappear.after you come back from lhasa, chen xuan uncle at home agonizingly painful drink of the wine of the wrath of a few months, and returned to county kill pig kill a chicken.he rarely go home, ingrid and sister only grandma take care of.

since then, ingrid personality become eccentric, rarely speak, and often sitting in the doorway looking at the distant highway stunned, don't like the same age children love to play.i know, she's waiting for the pine mao ayi appear, take her out of the dark place.but her desire was doomed to fail.

the children see her in the village didn't mom, dad is not around, he began to cry out her small mute.whenever she came out from the door, walk in the lane, the boys and girls laugh while shouting:"small mute, ugly, cesspit, not to..."she heard his trembling out of the past, like clip tail straggling stray dogs in the village.some bold, heart also threw clod to her bad boy.

once i follow these children are booing bullying ingrid was my mother ran into, my mom will play a meal, i get home, said such a poor child, you still bully her, have a heart?when you can't eat less you loose mao ayi home meal, no less see ingrid vcd at home.

i also feel ingrid poor, after this, i often take ingrid came to my house.ingrid is very lovely, and obedient, is my mom's cup of tea.the sun is warm, my mom was spare the help ingrid shampoo, sparse hair, black pigtails.at that time, ingrid looks beautiful, just like the girls in the tv.

ingrid seven years old, and it's time for school, but her grandmother that girls don't go to school it doesn't matter, anyway, sooner or later will marry, what's more, her dad don't agree with, sister, and no one to take care of in the home, so she didn't go to school.

a lot of children go to school in the village, didn't and her to play, she sank into the deep loneliness, sitting in the doorway looking at the road.only me after school, she and i can speak for a moment, to play while the mud.however, she always says that place later found the bird's nest, found a bunch of ants nest, whose dog gave birth to a young, whose cat gave birth to a cat.so, i told her less and less interested in what she said is less and less.

ingrid eight years old birthday that day afternoon, i and ingrid in throat play with clay.at that time, the weather is warming, melting ice, the ground on the above soft like a walk in the forest.jue hemp, done, the grass is green shoots, take the lead in the willows green and apricot flowers come up to the peach blossom bud, itching, magpie oriole birds chirp noise in the branches.

chen xuan uncle came back.he was drunk, far can smell wine, walk east west sway, singing, in good mood.

his right hand carrying a bundle of the wings and feet of the rooster, the rooster feathers dark blue, head with big red cockscomb, although be chen xuan uncle carry in his hand, but still bearing grand, perseverance.his left hand carrying a large white plastic bags, there are folded neatly inside a white shirt with skirt yarn quality.

i said:"ingrid...go to the...your dad to buy you a present..."

ingrid ran to catch the plastic bags in the chen xuan uncle left hand went home happily.

i can never forget her smile that proud and inside collect, asing if is that no one to take care of the dog for a long time, you to feed it, sausages and stroke it head, it ate and look at the way you look, there are a few poor puppy looking at nearby.the eyes have excited, grateful, also have pride, but these are not exposed, only the watery eyes looking at you.

may chen xuan uncle figured it out, he thought of the future old depends on the daughter to take care of, so, he specifically from the county seat of the slaughterhouse picked only the biggest cock, also bought a white shirt for ingrid had a birthday.

chen xuan down from the stove to boil water, ready to kill the cock after used to perm hair.

he solution under the knife that don't in the waist, pulled out from the scabbard, a two fingers wide willow short knife blade.take out knife at the moment of the thrown in the corner of the rooster and craned their necks out a piercing scream.

chen xuan uncle went to the walls, shout ingrid got a clean plate for chicken entrails.

he could have easily killed the black purple rooster, as long as standing on their feet and wings, lightly across the chicken's throat, cut open the trachea, not chickens died for a while.but chen xuan uncle is a seasoned butcher, killed millions of pigs and chickens, and the pride of his profession do not allow him to cut chicken's throat.

he prick the rope with a knife, free chicken short, like he was in the slaughterhouse in that field.he quietly walked to the side of chicken, in their ears caught chicken thigh, potential of chickens to beat its wings, struggling whine.but the fall in chen xuan uncle burly big palm, such a struggle without any role, only more fun of he killed a chicken.

he threw the rooster on the ground, at this time of the rooster has fell dizzy, and on the wings and legs, cut throat almost at the same time.the wound is not deep, but can see the white of the trachea, blood jetted out like a water gun, in a graceful curve falls to the ground.

chen xuan uncle emerge on the ugly face ferocious and gentle smile, like a cat and mouse, play enough can swallow the satisfied expression.

i see scalp pins and needles, fear, so i went home.

however, it is the happiest day of ingrid.

i was in high school, ingrid got married.at that time she was 16 years old!she is married to a neighboring village of a s the young man.the man i've ever seen one side, a round face, pointed mouth, thin and short, is the only one meter six, standing beside ingrid only to her chest, good a white sing in the puddles.

ingrid so early get married, because chen xuan uncle out of work.

in recent years, chen xuan uncle fell in love with drinking, alcohol abuse, drink a 232 to work every day, work is not hard, drunk after being loud and disorderly, the boss looked upset just said he was a few words.on how he didn't dare to tell the boss at ordinary times, but was drunk, come up to hit the boss suddenly and violently temper.the boss in their rage, let he go back to home.

home chen xuan uncle decided not to do the butcher this line, he wants to buy some tractors, harvesters to the villagers harvesting and arable land to make money for the family.but over the years, he used to drink all your money, don't have much money left.turn off the ingrid married his reasoning.because, we are here to marry his daughter to send the bride is very handsome, at least have 10230 thousand.this is a big income.

however, ingrid marry to no more than half year by the in-laws to send back.in-laws, said ingrid will not do household chores, can't cook, not sew, what all can't, you know him, they can't afford to domestic idle people for a divorce, but also refund one hundred and thirty thousand bride price money.

however, according to my mother later, mainly because her mother-in-law ingrid abuse.

my mom said, ingrid mother-in-law stingy, even when ingrid got married to buy gold ring necklace was she hid themselves.ingrid want to wear a necklace, but her mother-in-law is not to give.ingrid gas but, scolded her mother-in-law, mother-in-law picked up a stick dozen ingrid, ingrid and beat her mother-in-law face in anger.son, her mother-in-law don't encourage divorce.

chen xuan uncle rage on the spot, the in-laws driven out.his wrath is not the in-laws for her daughter's impatience, but to his clawed back the bride price money.ingrid bride price money by his early spends about the same.

ingrid in-laws for not back the bride price money, then report the case to the police station, said chen xuan uncle ingrid scams and fraud.police station to send someone to survey, and later found ingrid and her husband didn't get a marriage certificate, and it is very complex, so decided to give twenty thousand dollars to get refund by adjusting the consultation.

ingrid stayed at home for two months, chen xuan uncle and ingrid married than our village of the more remote hills of a man.she like a commodity chen xuan uncle, was traded to deal, like a cash cow, implements the chen xuan uncle get rich wealth dream.(the original:ingrid, author:wen-lin li.from:every day to read some stories app<the male number:dudiangushi>, to see more wonderful)

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