the tourism country in asia and the chinese are willing to go?


now, traveling has become a hot phenomenon.may be because of people's living standards improved, the domestic tourism has can't satisfy their own needs, may also be because some of the attractions abroad indeed attract the arrival of the chinese people.all in all, abroad set off a boom in recent years.

to travel abroad to which country?sometimes i don't want to go too far and near point of countries are japan, south korea and the three countries, japan seems to have been accepted by most people.and south korea, for thad events, chinese also seldom go to travel, vietnam heat turned to leave the country.

vietnam china very close, the climate here is relatively comfortable, so, such as the national day holidays, chinese tourists flock to vietnam is very much.and the arrival of a large number of chinese tourists to vietnam tourism has brought great economic growth.the vietnamese also realized with the chinese to have good benefits, try their best to attract more chinese tourists to travel.

but go to vietnam tourism came back chinese tourists, in succession to vietnam.chinese tourists from vietnam entry have been treated unfairly, vietnam customs charge must be for the chinese customs clearance, 10 yuan.tourists from other countries don't accept.and consumer prices in vietnam, expensive, may catch than western developed countries.

in addition, vietnam to the west is the visa waiver program, but for the vast number of chinese tourists, but always can't visa-free.chinese tourists on these is full of anger.

so, a lot of chinese tourists have said, i hope the chinese don't go to vietnam tourism.have net friend say, vietnam vietnam, you have sinned against the chinese you will be more and more difficult!

less chinese tourists, what do you think of vietnam tourism?

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