with what hanshan temple bell to charge twice a yuan yuan

moonset wu crow cream all over the sky, jiang feng the fishing in troubled sleep.

gusu city hanshan temple, the midnight bell to the passenger.

the trails of scholar poetry in tang dynasty, wildest dreams he wrote a poem present paper arrives at an inter pretation become the renowned, famed in one thousand when he berth at night can see the ancient bridge in tang dynasty had not, now but hundred steps away from the gate, the semicircle single-arch stone bridge is dajing six years reconstruction, visitors can take a picture, through the little tunnel, get a good view of the ancient bridge on the water, the ancient, ancient town, the monastery of the beautiful scenery, enjoy the present paper arrives at an inter pretation of artistic conception.

by the end of the qing dynasty famous scholar shibei yuyue writing, has become a special skill in the hanshan temple.hanshan temple shibei about 3.5 meters high, about 1 meter wide.

the clock is already not mentioned in the poem, traditionally, there has been"tang zhong early, pin ming clock for gun, qing bell hanging bell tower", now hanshan temple tower suspension iron bell is now jiangsu governor chen kuilong rebuilt in the qing dynasty when the hanshan temple, to preserve places of historic interest, imitation of the old clock pattern casting, is 1.2 meters high and weighs 2 tons, bell 5 yuan/person, but this is not the only one.

hanshan temple more than 10 years ago to explore, protect and make good use of its own characteristic of this culture resources, start construction hanshan temple garden.

this juzhong as the first method of huaxia"clock", weighs 108 tons, shape design for style in tang dynasty, shanghai great world guinness headquarters finally decided, with more than seventy thousand words of buddhist scriptures of hanshan temple clock, was identified as the world's largest buddha clock, 8.608 meters high, a maximum diameter of 5.242 meters, knock again here is 10 yuan/person.

the clockface inscriptions is a volume of more than seventy thousand words of the mahayana tip the lotus sutra.

the clock on the pu prison in ancient chinese myths and legends of dragon is one of nine children, ranking fourth, had good sound, the original pu prison living near the sea, is to give, but always afraid of monster.when the whale is an attack, it will frighten roared.

hanshan temple clock tower used up nearly 1600 cubic meters of annatto, these lumber are from african rosewood, only support big pillars to 144, it is a pity that the top throw coins and full of cigarettes and other sundry, let a person feel sorry.

standing in the garden, the front and is now a big stone, and the temple of the piece is very like, this is hand in photograph reflect with the first buddha clock"day"hanshan temple of the present paper arrives at an inter pretation shibei.

this biggest shibei get most of the great world guinness certificate, number 02161, total height:15.855 meters, itself size:10.215 * 5.319 * 5.319 m, the shibei chooses shandong jinghang canal bluestone, overall consists of monuments, caps, itself and stele base, positive engraved with books by yuyue tang poetry in the qing dynasty, the present paper arrives at an inter pretation poetry on the back engraved with qianlong yubi prajnaparamita heart sutra.

the first shibei, big bell tower, samanta-prabhasa dayuan three old and new buildings, a central axis from south to north, is very harmonious, chengshizhu clock, cathay pacific erection, they also became a card of the major tourist in suzhou.

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as introduced in suzhou also want to know about amethyst hole 3 noodles, point the text after know more, please.

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