is the most complete function of rv china five emission automatic-shift c according to the blue card driver!

rv drive travel has been far beyond the definition of travel, and became a way of life!drove the car to travel, run in the expanse of the highway, the vast heaven and earth as you stray;parked in the wild forest, far from the city at random in the silent lake campfire chat say ground, enjoy surrounded by nature and pure and fresh and, small make up to introduce a travel rv can realize your dream, it is along the long axis type b saloon car brigade chase, chase s800 saloon car, as well as travel daily travel.

shun brigade chase with chase v80 long shaft s800 saloon car chassis, with 2.5 t turbocharged diesel engine, the matching is 6 amt transmission, automatic can also meet the requirements of more people driving, vehicle size is 5930 * 1998 * 1998 mm, length less than 6 m, but on the blue card, card can drive c, the five emission standards.

appearance, chase s800 in classic original added body color bar on modelling, reveal the vehicle's dynamic fashion, classic white body for rv is more simple and relaxed, avoids the c type saloon car to the modelling of make public, s800 is especially suitable for business travel, common to open the car out to also won't create too, is a very practical car.

when it comes to practical are going to have to tell me about the function of the trailer, s800 rv external awning, overhead air-conditioning, satellite antenna, solar panels, roof racks, gym, bike rack, rearview camera, external water mouth, external showers, and so on practical function.

vehicle style also adopted the atmosphere of contemporary and contracted fashion wind, appear elegant and comfortable as a rear area is the sitting room, saloon car interior with a variety of functions, layout can sleep 5 people, three bed during the night black mode switch is the consistent style of suitable travel saloon car, is also a major bright spot.

the cab rear area is the sitting room, living room with a double booth and the collocation of lifting table model, deserve to go up can rotate 360 degrees in the driving seat can cobble together into a single bed, sleep very comfortable.remarkably lift table with double rotary tables, and is equipped with a fixed at, as a small conference room or chess&cards room, work and entertainment.

is different, the suitable travel enlarged the space of the kitchen, make cooking more comfortable, the equipment is perfect in addition to the traditional induction cooker, microwave oven, refrigerator, modified equipment to sink in, also increased a lot store content ark, can put chopsticks.casual dining, dinner can be at home cooking.

at the top of the cupboard


of course, these details, tank not only has a double sided against the lid of the marble above, a special wooden desk board is more, this dish is more convenient.


in order to easy to use, the kitchen at the bottom of the storage space, fully inside and outside.can be set up in the outdoor table, when the weather is good also can be in outdoor dining, indescribably mesa lower left, also can be extended again.





toilet uses the expanding type design, to make full use of interior space, internal with fan, lighting, shower head, cosmetic mirror, electric broken toilet, box of towel rack, soap, toilet brush, etc.







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