we really afraid of which day war broke out

south korea gyeonggi paju of the cabinet, is the dividing line between north and south korea near the railroad railway important sites, 53 kilometers from seoul, south korea, korean kaesong 22 km.

a demilitarized zone of the korean peninsula in half a century of waste steam train car, lying beside against the barbed wire fence, holes of vehicle body is full of bullet holes.

on the wall, hang people tied on the blessing of the ribbon.writing on the colorful ribbons for blessings and wishes of the peninsula peace, away from the fighting, in the warm sunny winter sun, let a person feel the value of peace.

it's next to the locomotive, a railway stretched away into the distance of the sky, but not many people have remembered there was a time when the sound of stream whistles on here also with lung sound and train.

the 518.5 km of railway is south to seoul, the north to sinuiju"the railroad".

it has been an important railway runs through north and south peninsula, after the korean war was sheared off.but many of the rail has never truncate the korean people's desire for peace, the desire for unity.

9, north and south korea after high-level talks again after more than two years.

peninsula public expectations for the talks and the upcoming pyeongchang winter games as an opportunity to tap the peace gate, also looking forward to one day by inter-korean reconciliation to interrupt railway connection again, also the split between the north and the south people more than 70 years of emotional connection link again.

"hope everything goes well with this meeting,"more than 30 years old korean salty huiyuan said,"also wants north korea to duly sent delegations to participate in the winter olympics pyeongchang, let the olympic games a complete success, to hold."

board of cabinet a gazebo, panoramic view of the unification of the nearby bridge.the bridge is the barrier to the military demarcation line, it is also an important land passage connecting the north and south korea.

when the inter-korean talks in panmunjom, south korean officials will drive way to bridge to the meeting.the bridge is also seen as a barometer of the north-south relations changes in temperature.

in the evens of the pavilion is owner, told reporters she sells north korea souvenirs here more than 30 years, witnessed the ups and downs inter-korean relations.

what impressed her most is the mount kumgang tourism project started in 1998, south korea's hyundai group chairman emeritus chung ju-yung with cattle and family visit to the dprk.

"at the time, chung ju-yung with hundreds of head of cattle through the unified bridge, will be handed over to the north korea, i saw dozens of trucks carrying cattle through the bridge."evens said,"i was thinking, to improve inter-korean relations and development had a good start, the unified process will speed up a little?"speaking of which, evens peep out one silk smile.

"unexpectedly, then deteriorating inter-korean relations.nowadays, the railroad is broken, the kaesong industrial park is closed,"she said,"i always think, inter-korean relations so bad it is not to look forward to this meeting can be held smoothly, relationship will improve.we are all worried about the accident, really afraid of which day war broke out."

the mount kumgang tourism project launched in november 1998.in 2001, north and south korea to hold summit talks for the first time.

north and south korea in 2003 put across the railway subgrade on the military demarcation line dual-track together, and for munsan in 2007-the kaesong interval train commissioning, implementation of train across the military demarcation line north korea for the first time in 56 years.but as the inter-korean relations then cooling, across the north and the south train suspended again.

in of the pavilion has a new tourist attractions last march, south korea, is a number of destroyed bridge pier in the korean war.

south korea local government then has carried on the repair, try our best to restore a small section of the bridge.the bullet traces the piers are preserved, warned the cruelty of war.

in their 40 s, korean jin zhongxie with son and daughter to come here, hope to let the children accept education of the war.

"they age still small, do not know the civil division, brought them to this just hope they realized the terrible war, let them know how hard-won peace,"jin zhongxie told reporters.

jin zhongxie said, because the railway, near the railroad the attractions is known as"the sound of sirens tomorrow", refers to the hope that the train whistle rang again peninsula north and south, let railway to associate the separation of nation again.

"now it's time to stop all wars, although in the short term reunification is difficult, but have peninsula peace mode, to each other to each other."

--the end--


reporter:liu rui gengxuepeng


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