take the rest of your life photos that photos can go bad luck you know?


hello, i am legend.with the improvement of living standards, modern people often at home everywhere put all kinds of pictures, pictures ah, travel, fine art and so on, the more at home sitting room, bedroom the head of a bed on the wall, but it also has a fengshui taboo and exquisite.

a few days ago i went to a friend's house guest, see he is a tourism photographic box on the desk of the study, i picked it up and look for a moment to say, you still change the photo or away, he doubt ask why ah?i said you see behind the photo, there are a lot of strangers, these are, of course, it doesn't matter, but you didn't notice that one of the stranger, what was his action in refers to also point to you here, this message is being poked spine, such pictures is a taboo in feng shui, cannot place, he said and so much about photos, and also notice something else?

i say besides behind someone pointed drawing need to be aware of are:due to different angles, the side of, yin and yang are very prone to face, this is no good.

and backlit pictures, these pictures of face will be black, looking bleak, background or the face of shadow, best don't out, in order to avoid causing business sentiment, academic adverse.

don't photos with others.the north a restaurant please a man sitting on the judgment seat, resembling a great many diners so frequently photographed with him.the seat people died later, as a result, many with combined a film that a period of time is difficult.

don't at night for you or others to take photos in the mirror, the mirror is negative, easy to move yin.often unexpected circumstances see don't want to see.

prudence and deceased family cemetery.tomb-sweeping day when many people go to the grave, some people to take picture with their loved ones grave, don't you know that, some lens contains others cemetery, the result is not, of course.

never on just take photos of the tower.tower is just the feeling of being live system, because the tower is used for town demon.the implication is very bad.more information, please concern:the epic feng shui numerology center.

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