he is design of home stay facility have become the net safflower greenery refused to roca check-in?

roll sister know asa troops from friends, he and i, is not a roll in the bed, is on the road roller bed.

he and all the springs to the more than 400 hotels, home, roll 295 good bed.in 2010, the first time come to dali, he finally know, this is the place where can realize the dream.

"first with dali, then it would not have been in yunnan."for korea, this is the correct order.

the noisy of the ancient city of dali, in renmin road, for the most, i like to walk from the streets to the corners, each has a different findings.

renmin road 22, three years ago, was a landmark once in dali bars inn-a bird, it joins the fate of countless people.

bird for 13 years in this place, at that time, only birds renmin road, after dark, few street lights on the road.

when like a drunk drunk, guests will come in for a surprise.after sure this is a bar for a beer, sit down, and started to chat.

every people is very interesting, everyone brought their own story.sometimes like a small theater here.

there should always be over, bird 15 years rental contract will expire.the one hundred-year-old bai old room, precious memories of countless people, birds leave things did not eliminate no, but to a secluded spot.

"is a memory, the old house has been in the bird leave the story of the people, are burned in the mottled walls."

so, secluded spot right from the start.

good design will never let a person feel affectation, but the right place, right time and the best fusion;more is deliberate, less and lost his color, no less is really rare.

<img src="http://p3.pstatp.com/large/5687000203641ae20ba2"/>

for investment, waste one minute will be lost a lot of money, and the asa troops is spent three years to transform the old house.

although the former strategy for millions of people for love, selfless again, but this world, is not only a love has the magic.

7, 20, 295, 400, this is a set of belong to korea for numbers.7 years experience in hotel, 20 years' experience with a designer;roll over 295 beds, after more than 400 home stay hotel...

cloud which opened in 2011, seven, which the house

is the holiday in erhai lake double gallery's first beauty night

many years ago, korea was discovered the beauty of the erhai lake.

in dali double gallery, korea as a stylist and owner identity, build the cloud seven, with the cloud and cloud seven, which the two beautiful lodge and accidentally became a double corridor in the home stay facility, one of the most popular shop.

cloud seven, which opened in 2015, with the cloud

three seascape, a between the four stars double room with a home stay facility

erhai lake in the home stay facility closures, the two red net dorigo also failed to escape.

luckily, there still is a ancient city.

after 22 renmin road, is not careful, it is easy to miss.this door open is too low, the door and turn left, across a front desk, they are and renmin road noise, different side view.

it is no wonder that all say, renmin road passing through 22 people were gone.

birds left three century-old house, and decades of given, magnolia, bougainvillea, korea for the first thing to do is keep them, the entire secluded spot are several strains of flowers and trees around this layout.

walked the path to the guest room from the sitting room is accompanied by vegetation water during the day, all the way into the night became a candle.

garden courtyard of water, water system of the miniature of yunnan, whole is fresh water, and in which a plant life, especially spirit.

every room window and are complying with the natural landscape and open, don't bother to overturn.and have a historical flavour like this old house, the furniture of europe type restoring ancient ways is needed to town.

dali is the pioneer of home stay facility, flowers far earlier than the time moganshan.6 million, 10 rooms, laid the foundation of my hometown as a fine home stay facility, it has quietly walk in front of the aesthetic life.

numerous in the city constantly struggle, finally bought a house, can be happy for a while, but after a long time, you'll find an open secret.

in small and specification 89 mean, door, even with just next door of one wall lie between, even if the reinforced concrete wall isn't soundproof, also can see across the hall.

a few room hall in the rules, in addition to daily necessities, what remains?roll sister feel, the humanities, the construction of the story, add water, vegetation, is the imagination.

korea apparently was thinking.in my hometown secluded spot, from the outside, from inside to outside;from a stair to another stair, from the balcony of a window to another, you will always be very easy to find a picture of this picture again and again and again.

"we the design of the racking their brains, are not as good as the native beauty."

a well-known designer came to my hometown after experience, say so.yes, not all designers have korea for such restraint and imagination.

grasp is not good, not careful, will be too pay attention to the design, or only the hardware quality.my hometown is very rare, in the vision and experience, to find the balance.

if with five-star standard to judge our township, seems a little biased, five-star evaluation is hardware, i township in addition to this, more experience.

not receive under the age of 16, 70 years of age or older, and the guest check in pets, and have refused to take the dog dog roca this episode.

a virgo's chief operating officer, fish, making a lot of super five-star service experience.for example, the housekeeper to be highly educated, high intension, high appearance level.only in this way people in the service, the guest will have higher enjoy besides accommodation.

have to say that this is one of the few roll sister lived, toiletries, in accordance with the:shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, such emissions of home stay facility in using order.

said that fish is the paranoia is a bit too~

for different guests, fish will also recommend suitable to their room.

, for example, the lovestruck couple, place to live in the star room;the panache, suitable for living outside french window to see out the one is framed;the old couple, may be more need to have privacy suite.

in the southwest town, away from the city, just to listen carefully and seriously connect people and space, people and environment, the relationship of the people.

lin huiyin said,"back packers, is a visitor.put down the burden, you found a home."this is also my hometown.

"i want to be greedy the good of our country, then, want to like, bloom in my country!"

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