several generations of chinese people admire: once the former residence of rebellious youth today was not accepted into the holy land

there are a lot of great men in the world, they make a contribution to human beings has brought many convenient, also accelerated the pace of human development.but a man can do in the alien land for generations remember sing, and write textbooks widely circulated, not a lot of people believe this!

in ontario, canada, there was a town called lattice hewen lester, about 518 residents live in an area of 518 square kilometers, the town has been built many years ago was a ugly town, but for a doctor"disturb"canada's prime minister.

in 1973, the then arrived in town, the canadian prime minister pierre trudeau personally by the government to use the old buy down to the doctor's former residence, fully renovated for three years to officially open to the public:the bethune memorial!

believe that the doctor is not strange to the chinese, from 60 s has been admired chinese people sing praises, even decades has been written in textbooks, says he leads the countless 60-80 descendants in professional vision locking for the doctor this career, really is not hyperbole.

in 2012, the canadian government experience opened a new memorial center, bethune's former residence as a national historic site of canada, directly with the canadian national park equal status, this is the first time in the history of canada, and only the personal residence as a state-level protection site.

a lot of people know that dr bethune chinese people admire, but does not know the deeds of his youth, the new center showed all the information of dr bethune, including his study period and the military exploits of the spanish civil war, during the second world war.and these stories for chinese tourists, the absolute is canada's most worthy to visit the holy land, yes, the holy land!

but never imagined that he is people often say that during the period of the study"rebellious youth.former canadian national museum curator professor scott writes:he(norman bethune) during the period of school often puts forward some objections to break old habits, to the medical community elders also very candid views, but he always view is in favor of.go to school during that time(practice), he is considered to be a hard to get along with people.

many years later, dr bethune was put forward by the"dissent"are proved to be feasible and effective, and this is why canadians in early didn't understand the chinese one of the reasons why such worship, admire, even more than the chinese canadians honor bethune doctor, because they will be his spirit into the"medicine"from the"rescue", even produced a sculpture to pay their respects.the sculpture of the prototype from the last photo of dr bethune, when he was in the absence of medical gloves and disinfection medicine on the wound to the wounded, as a result, their blood poisoning, died a week later.

a digression small make up also want to write:dr bethune grandfathers is one of the founders of the presbyterian church in canada, toronto, great-grandfather was senator, grandfather founded the canadian school of medicine, later incorporated into the university of toronto!father is a pastor, my mother is a british immigrants, but he himself an atheist!

bethune spirit not only influence the chinese, also made a tremendous energy in the world, each year ten thousand people visited his former residence requirements, 2016 former residence of tourists alone more than 17000 order to protect house sites at the same time, and does not affect the spirit of publicity, the canadian government within a than a copy of the former residence decoration, dr bethune was born of the sitting room and early residential interior fully displayed.

will dr bethune biography written in english, french and chinese, many people have said after watching these introduce yourself misunderstood him, even think he's the beautified,, they are gracefully admitted he was wrong for decades, and then he proud of say:"dr bethune is one of the greatest heroes in canada."

lattice hewen lester town has several large commemorative activities every year, and every activity referred to dr bethune and silence to pray for him, although he is famous in the east china to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, also died in the territory of china, but locals still proud of him.even many of the children was born, my mother gently said:children, your role model is norman bethune.

here is a small collection of dr bethune, in between the two countries for everybody to read!

1:dr bethune died two weeks later, the government of canada to receive the message.canadians understand is:the chinese will he as a family!

2:chinese people built the statues and the graveyard of dr bethune, was destroyed by the japanese army after rebuild again, bigger than before!

3:canada's first monument bethune is donated by the chinese government in the last century 60 s!

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