a chinese girl in sydney fire!apartment tent rental to a stranger in the living room every evening

if in sydney, let you live in the tents of a living room, a$55 for one night, free wifi, you can use the kitchen and bathroom, would you like to live?

a chinese woman grace will provide such an accommodation in sydney, tent rental in the sitting room!many passengers who rented also have thumb up...

some people think that the rent so expensive place in sydney, so cheap and comfortable place is attractive;but there are also netizens think, it is an unruly chinese, such tents illegal!

sydney sitting room apartments available tents,$55 for one night

in the impression of most probably, camping is outside, living in tents, feel the nature and adventure, breathing the fresh air...

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however, sydney homebush a apartment in the living room, just rent an indoor campsite.⬇ ️

yes!you read that right, is to live in the tents of the sitting room!

we can see from the picture, in the sitting room on the floor of the apartment, located in the isolation of the kitchen next to the bar, there is a build up of blue and silver tents.

the landlord described his tent rental:"comfortable indoor camping, near the station."

the tent in the sitting room is 2 m * 2 m, can live at most 2 people.

room toward the north, there will be sunshine in, but if you think that bask in, tent with the shading layer, can keep out sunshine for you.

tents with queen size mattress bed, equipped with bed sheets, quilts, pillows, bedding can be said to be from soup to nuts.

not only such, tenants can cook in the kitchen, you can also use the bathroom, the room of the electric equipment such as washing machines, dryers are available to the tenant...

the landlord is for tenants to provide free wifi...such a""indoor camping tents, pricing on an$42, plus a$upto$6 and 7 service charge, a night of the tent cost$55!

of course, you also need to pay a$727, as the deposit.

rent a tent landlord is chinese women

according to the daily mail, rent the landlord is a chinese girl in this tent.information from the landlord as you can see, her name is grace, graduated from the university of melbourne international trade professional, in sydney in 2010.grace introduced himself like this:

"love to travel, like to make friends, hope we can get along happily, here will make your journey safe and happy."

in addition to the tent of the sitting room, advocate lie between grace also rent of the apartment.the master bedroom with separate bathroom, a queen size of two people can live in most big bed.

a lot of rent a grace the tenants of the apartment, say grace is very friendly and hospitable, like talking to her.

netizens disagree

the tent in the living room of the apartment for rent, netizens have different opinions.some netizens believe that house prices in sydney so expensive, this style of cheap accommodation why not?why not since been reserved, this way, the accommodation in sydney so expensive...

it seems to me it's a good deal!

not only that, a lot of passengers who rented said that the landlord is very enthusiastic, talkative, tent live is also very comfortable!

grace is a friendly, talkative, very will care about others girls.tent is very big, grace also do your best to make it more comfortable.

very nice apartment and the landlord, very comfortable tent.

grace tents have everything i need.cheap and comfortable, warm, not only such, grace is great a landlord, humorous also help me a lot.i strongly recommend living in this place.

i enjoyed my time at grace's home, for me, it was very comfortable and convenient.i will be in to.

good geographical position, grace is very friendly to the landlord.this is my first time to live indoor camping, very comfortable, sleep is also very good.if you are willing to live near sydney olympic park, so it is highly recommended here.

in fifth floor apartment house have elevator, smart!decorate very fashionable, clean and tidy.the landlord grace very talkative, very kind and treat me like a friend.to live happily.sleeping in the living room tents, mattresses very very soft.

of course, also have tenants that landlord description"private space"is flawed, and far away from the central city, the only advantage is close to the dfo, convenient shopping.

and the net friend to this way of renting questioned:

another unruly chinese!

good strange, you don't know who will live there, a little danger...

in the case of not allowed, increase bedroom, in violation of the specification.this is why many residential fire happens in china, there will always be a large number of deaths...

a unruly chinese again...

you never know who did you rent, is likely to be a killer

$55 for one night?!too greedy...

actually, in my own house, tent rental, grace is not alone in sydney.

sydney outdoor tents,$130-a-night!

in may this year, australian media reported sydney a woman let her backyard tents...

in the sydney west sydenham posted a homeowner says:

the bag eats encase!weeks rent as long as a$130!you need to take turns doing the dishes with a roommate, cleaning, cleaning and other chores...eat a live though need to labor, but feel it's a good deal?move on!

although have their own space where you live, but live need to set up the tent in the backyard!here ⬇ ️

according to the daily mail reported, in facebook said the ad woman, this approach can help people avoid paying sydney expensive property prices, as well as establish a"shared"the feeling of helping each other.

(photo:the daily mail)

the landlord said:"the sydney house prices and rents are far too high, so i thought of this method.i don't know if this is not an innovation that would have someone to rent the all kinds of space, just not made public."female owner said, this is a two-bedroom house, now there are five people live together.

the tents have been listed in an housing, but according to the daily mail, the tent seems to be very popular, have been booked for the next few weeks.

in the outside to sleep in a tent, and there are tenants said:this is a unique experience."this is a good tent, all the quilt, bed sheets and pillow cases are new.too comfortable, sleep well every night.although it's cold outside, but inside very warm."

(photo:the daily mail)

summary today

to sleep in the tent of the house, some people will think is very cheap, and a different experience;but also some people think that space not only private, unsafe, and certainly no one in the bed comfortable.

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