quick collection!the tourist sights good play all key everyone can swim free


said to go to zhejiang tourism, a lot of people first thought is to wuzhen, xitang, or hangzhou west lake.textbooks and wupengchuan in leisurely passing under the bridge, strange and familiar in the herbals, kong yiji, days of aniseed xianheng hotel at the door, small bridges, white wall tiles, anywhere"south wind"in shaoxing, in zhejiang this big tourism province is always failed to top.

in order to expand its influence, this beautiful scene play without disturbing, shaoxing jiangnan water of poetry and finally make the big moves, small swim just received good news, in 2018 in shaoxing globally-open"free swim"!

from shaoxing, scenic spot admission province big, mom never scold me not to waste money.

shaoxing tourism board director said:"the launch of the global free swim shaoxing, is to let shaoxing tourism towards the world better, and let more people enjoy the fruit of shaoxing tourism and cultural development."

for such that let people in, let visitors get real good preferential policy, small swim it is in favor of his feet, make the call to shaoxing tourism committee!other tourist cities, fast learning shaoxing example, don't just stare at tourist development"tickets"money in the pocket.

few words said, present welfare for you right away!it is reported, this time a total of 59 state-owned shaoxing scenic spots worldwide tourists respectively, the medium students, and shaoxing citizens free of charge, including 37 scenic spots for the global visitors free of charge, the hometown of lu xun, chase school, xu xilin's former residence, residence of pdf china history, museum of shaoxing five spots for free and open all the year round, the rest of the scenic spot free of charge in addition to the national legal holidays throughout the year.












shuicheng beauty picturesque, shaoxing drunk.now is more open and free more than scenic area, whether students party or professionals, weekend can go up!18 minutes from hangzhou high-speed direct, from shanghai is only 1 hour and 22 minutes!

twelfth month soon.each winter, in the ancient town of shaoxing anchang hold lunar fengqingjie, old streets are full of town family homemade sausages, salted fish, a traditional festival atmosphere spread along the ancient canal, water village opera, the ship set out, the folk custom wedding, the ancient temple fair, traditional arts and crafts show, very busy.consider a go.

of course, in the beautiful scenery outside, the most food and not to be missed.










美味的何止是上面所说的,还有绍十锦、豆腐皮、神仙鸡……is really let a person eat to hold!!!!!!

of course, small free swim swim last hope shaoxing strength can also be bigger in the future, such as shen garden is popular with tourists scenic spot can also open to visitors free of charge that will be better, this is the real benefits.kiss, not you say so?

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