i chat with friends in taiwan we mainlanders usually such a culture

this is liu xiaoshun not serious travel and life institute.

a few years ago, my first time to travel to taiwan, with a just know taiwan friend wandering in the street, he saw many local merchants to attract mainland visitors, use a lot of mainland nowadays popular on store, also supports many mainland mobile phone app, i freely said 1:"couldn't think of, you also quite keep pace with the times."

it is one of my thought couldn't be ordinary ordinary words, suddenly"scare"taiwan friend gape to turn a staring at me:"good heavens!"

"what?"i also was"surprised"hurriedly bowed their heads and look at, this is what's the problem?

"don't you talk with the writings in classical style?"taiwan friend a face of shocked to continue to ask me.

"writings in classical style?"i was to get confused about him, i know taiwan friends are particularly prone to surprise, but i really don't know at that time he was surprised by what.

"is the 'and' what of, you how you are speaking to use idioms so complex?"the expression of taiwan friends, fun.

"oh, you said 'keep pace with the times."then it dawned on me,"the word is not very normal?you don't understand what is the meaning of this?"

"understand what i mean."taiwan friend nodded,"but we will not use you are speaking to."

"why not?"i thought to myself, this is our mainland people to speak the language of at ordinary times, let me change a word you say, i really don't know this situation without"advancing with the times"can also be used?

"if we usually talk with these writings in classical style, will certainly be scolded by his partner 'artificial'!"taiwan friends laughed.

the day i went back to his youth hostel, sat in the public area with other taiwanese friends talked about this matter, they also think we chinese people like to talk a little too"like", completely don't have to"advance with the times"the high grade idioms!

i'm wondering, if taiwan friends want to express the concept of"advancing with the times", they should be how to say?

"we would say, 'good fashion oh!"a taiwan girl chimed in,"or you 'advanced good oh!

well, well, this sentence we mainlanders as if to say not to come out.

"of course, we usually talk also will use some idiom."eyebrow in the united states to a city"back"of taiwan, continued,"we go to see the fireworks display, for example, we will say, 'wow, fire spark'!"

"feed!"sitting next to taiwan eyebrow in the united states of another guy nudged hard top taiwan eyebrow in the united states,""high light"is not idiom!not four word must be the idiom!"

"roar, originally not!"eyebrow in the united states a embarrassed smile in taiwan, we also together.

it makes me think of one thing, taiwan entertainer, matilda tao once said on a show, she once to ajit teacher to hunan tv station on the show, suddenly the studio blackouts, director inform you can leave work early,, matilda tao excitedly cried out:"wow, that's great!"and ajit teacher said:"sometimes, good happiness comes suddenly."

although ajit teacher uses is not idiom or writings in classical style, but the contrast down, as if is, matilda tao"like", and ajit teacher when i listen to also is very normal, do not feel any affectation.

so to say, we chinese people usually seems to really use many idioms or taiwan friends think"writings in classical style", literally a want to seem a lot, such as parents education child will say"how do you often teach not to change?"to see a friend fat will say"you recently very pampered!"call others don't show off in an ostentatious manner will say"you don't get carried away!"plus what"in short","hall","warning","worthy","riches"and so on, these"high grade"idioms in the mainland will occasionally occur in everyday language, and don't feel strange.

so, do you have a feel special you are speaking to"like"?you will also be"casual"to use a lot of idioms?what you are used to use the idiom"high grade"?why not share it to everyone and see if it will frighten silly points minutes our compatriots in taiwan?mew:ahaha!


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