in the middle east was born in a small country victimization in the fighting an army to israel a headache

lebanon is a small country in the middle east, an area of 1 square kilometers, population 6.01 million, shiite muslim population accounts for more than half.its northern and western neighbour is syria, southern neighbour is israel.

before 1920 is part of the ottoman 1920, according to the entente countries treaty on carving up the ottoman empire, france got in syria and lebanon.

the small country is north lebanon

look at a map, knew that the lebanese state is small, the geographical position is very important, and there is a natural harbor.

in order to better control the lebanese, france has put a lot of land to the syrians.the purpose is to maintain the lebanese christian, sunni and shia population is roughly, three mutual check, by the french to overall perspective.

however, plan always couldn't catch up with 1943, during world war ii disastrous france out of the middle east, lebanon has achieved independence.

in history, is the main sunni ruling factions, accumulated a lot of wealth and political capital, sunni has emerged in many senior officials and wealthy businessmen, they also have a place of the most powerful political is poor, mostly sunni attitude to shia is not so much hatred, than contempt.

in lebanon, before the founding of the main political power is a maronite christian and islamic follows druze, after the founding of the people are christian maronite and sunni islam.maronite controlled the presidency, the sunnis dominated the prime minister.

although to shia assigned the role of the speaker of parliament, but the role of influence cannot be compared with the former two.if the computational social celebrities noble, shia are negligible.lebanon just founding in 1946, maronite occupied 40% of the sages, account for 27%, sunni shia was only 3.2%.

if, according to the population, the founding of new china with sunni, shiite population after forty years, due to the shia ultra high birth rate, according to estimates, its population has nearly twice as much as the sunnis, and close to the sunnis and maronite combined.

on wealth, shia, dwarfed by the poorest population in lebanon are almost shias, distribution in the refugee camp.due to internal community curing and shia is difficult to accumulate wealth and political capital.

in the armed forces, and formed a maronite early strength of the pike, sunnis have arafat's palestine liberation organisation, strong battle effectiveness.and until the late 70 s, a shiite has not its own armed forces.

as a result, whether it's peace age, or war era, the shia is the most bullied little role in lebanon.

1975-1991, after 16 years of civil war in lebanon, although it is intermittent, but the war make all kinds of forces emerge in of the biggest influence shiite hezbollah militants.


on the one hand, the lebanese shia population, but not their own, people are very eager to have a team of lebanon, on the other hand, the domestic three big pie, shia mix of the worst, suffering from the other two parties.and as close to israel, no matter which school provoked israel, shia become revenge object.the day is too desperate.

the most important thing is that in 1979, iran's islamic revolution, iran's shiite stronghold.but iran's output revolutionary thought the most outstanding results, is hizbullah in lebanon.

in 1982, after the israeli invasion of lebanon.iran secretly sent 1500 revolutionary guard troops into lebanon, to help the lebanese shia armed people set up and training, this is the new armed hezbollah.

hezbollah to accept iran's leadership, trained soldiers and sent to equipped by iran.hizbullah's biggest characteristic is to combat, i can always get things done the best.

it is the most dare to fight with israel.are very good at dealing with egypt, jordan, israel's army, for hamas is also can begin, now only embarrass israel, not winning.

the elite yikongjun

in 2006, israel had to use a large number of aircraft missile to destroy hizbullah's missile launch system, from the number with the six day the six day war, egypt, syria, jordan, aircraft missile system almost completely destroyed, but 2006 years later, hezbollah can still organize effective counterattack, asing if is immortal.

it is this daring spirit of not afraid to form a new balance between israel and lebanon, and maintain the peace in southern lebanon.hizbullah also has received the respect factions in lebanon, in the case of not disarm, still be allowed to join the government.

on the ruins of the wedding

the establishment of hezbollah from lebanon's shiite insignificant role emerged as the most say, very charismatic in shiite population.

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