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dutch is the official written netherland, the germanic language of low-lying nether mean, netherland is low-lying land.

the chinese used to call the dutch holland, because the netherlands is the most important three cities, the capital is located in the province of north holland, amsterdam, rotterdam and the hague in south holland province.

the netherlands average 2 meters above sea level, about a quarter of the area below sea level, a lot of places in between 1 to 3 m.dutch dams for dam block with sea water, extract river water at the same time.if three months without drainage, the dutch water level will rise 1.5 meters.

the dutch windmills is one big characteristic, main function is to drainage.the rainy season windmills to pump water to drainage station, storage dry season water into the river again.since the 20th century, with the popularity of electric power, the old windmill gradually withdraw from the drainage system, more than ten thousand from the 18 th-century dutch windmill, now reduced to thousands.

the river rippling, windmills stand in the grass, a beautiful picture scroll.dutch much less water, treasure land, still lived in most of the windmill.

in the netherlands between provinces and friesland north holland, there are a sea of walden, is the inland sea, a long, narrow the gulf.if building a dam, to be in two places at one time the wadden sea is divided into two parts, inside and outside to draw off the internal, the netherlands will be a lot more land.

the dutchman to start, in 1932, o, dyke levee was completed.levee 32 km, 90 meters wide, the average height is 7.25 meters above sea level.

the outer cover is still the wadden sea, medial renamed esser lake.water from a nearby river, and then through the dam to the wadden sea, isolated from the rest of the sea, because after month esser salty lake water is no longer, greatly improving the surrounding ecological environment.

then take more water in the netherlands, esser, water levels in lake kept between 0.2 to 0.4 meters, built for the dutch land about 1979 square kilometers.most of the dutch land below sea level, the elevation, are manufactured.

esser, although the lake close to fresh water lake, but there are still a small amount of water penetration from levee and underground, is not a completely fresh water lake.

in 1976, the netherlands and 27 km long levee, will esser lake in two.levee near its northeast wadden sea still said esser lake, covers an area of about 1100 square kilometers, the lake close to fresh water.southwest said marken lake, covers an area of about 700 square kilometers, is a completely fresh water lake.

marken lake near amsterdam, the netherlands planned around the lake are planning of crop planting, beautify the surrounding natural environment in the capital.

in the netherlands, made the practice of the lake, the sea deserves all land resources nervous learning state.

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