one of the advantages of rv travel is that people who have not traveled in the rv will never know

"outside of the car is the world, inside the car is home."

:travel and life are completely combined, and on the road, enjoy.

what are the benefits of rv travel?let me give you a little bit of a tease.

1, the higher degree of freedom of rv travel

stay travel destination, mobile route, schedule set right in his own hands, that drive an suv or cars are all the same, but, drive an suv or cars must find the hotel, go to the restaurant to solve appetite, so, it is not only a travel is one of the main means of transport, or follow our humble abode.

2, closer to the nature

in the approximation of the original ecological rv camp, sleep in the car or the tent curtain day night, although than star hotel luxurious and comfortable, but you can experience,"lie up to listen to the wind rain, iron horse ice dream to"wonderful moment, wake up in the morning because trees even in yanyu warbler song...

3, don't have to understand every day

rv has enough space for your prescription luggage, the loading is each person's personal belongings, public goods, food, tools, their own, don't use the hotel to unloading of luggage, before you go to load the luggage again, not only saves time, saves more energy.

4, hurry don't miss meals, accommodation more regular

saloon car is much more spacious than other vehicles, because there is enough food storage space, don't need because of the delay of the road and not only, also can timely to pamper yourself, pick a beautiful, the location of the yangxin parking, make simple food rich appeal.

5, the whole family to swim, ambitious young old comrades still blessed

in order to move on and sometimes travel budgets, sat is 5, and 6 hours, tired, go to the bathroom is not convenient, rv drive will solve these problems, the old people would like to see scenery, we would like to lie on the bed rest, freedom of body and mind again, the young man drove, serving the people.

6, more rich food and beverage, health

a cabinet, refrigerator, stove, greatly encouraged the gourmet cooking enthusiasm, time in the kitchen most pleasure is not to save money, but in order to escape from the mold of catering, believe that will get many flavors are stubborn, appetite weak adaptability of identity.

open suitable travel saloon car

to bring your family

from the hustle and bustle of the city

to the one you want to go to the land of

a said come away trip!!!!!!

life is not just about the present, but also poetry and the fields away...

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