my most affectionate confession is a romantic holiday in sanya

said wenfeng, then sanya, people are and why?

about one million years ago, volcanic eruption formed hainan island.hainan is the only tropical zone in china.sanya is located in the southernmost part of hainan is a tropical monsoon climate zone, and also the center of four tropical cities in hainan.

according to statistics, the local population of sanya is about 700 thousand, and the foreign personnel also have 700 thousand people.what is the concept? why are there so many foreign population living?

, we are traveling with group tours, staying at grand metropark hotel suzhou, a little away from the seaside, the hotel is five stars, all kinds of facilities and facilities are quite good.

city, because there is no industrial agriculture, mainly tourism, so most of the hotels here are very tall.

the first day of the trip is the yalong bay and the size of the cave, set at eight in the morning, the tour guide said the main road, jiefang road is the city's main roads but it looks far worse than the general city, people feel particularly backward, is this a day reception fifty thousand visitors to the city? i can't help making people sigh.but think of gdp in the last few places.this should be normal too.along the way, we can see that the city is being built the near future, the urban area will shine brightly.

via 17km long coconut dream corridor, as the name implies, because both sides of the road is named coco.the feeling here is very beautiful, the road is left beside the sea beach, the right side is the hotel and guesthouse accommodation, here should be very good, definitely a sea view room! i want to get out of the car to make a photo shoot, but because it's not like

.if you are free, it's a good choice to take this as the first stop.

through high speed to reach yalong bay binhai cubic love paradise, here are not all high-speed toll station, do not take the card free of charge, there is great

in fact is not that praise you, although not high fees, but the prices here than in other areas to a more expensive, it is still the same of course, the high fees are in oil prices, if you want a taxi or bus to do it, the starting price will be slightly higher than the other

with the group or whether free here are definitely worth a visit if you take the children.if the surfing is to let the children reluctant to leave!

to sanya to experience the diving is absolutely necessary, but also not only diving in yalong bay, can choose! diving and did not imagine the terrible, as long as the coach said, will not swim are of no great importance, just dive too deep to the ear may be hurt, so the best in their affordable range is, anyway, i only for the picture as a diving in the water and can be friends a fish

afternoon play where is the size of cave, the individual that is not particularly fun, if you didn't go to yalong bay, may also think here is also good! so we decided to leave the regiment without a tour, and we changed our own way to the nanshan temple.

is the 108 meter tall statue of guanyin, the three one, towering spectacular, awe, is the world's most statues!

sichuan moustache

salt and pepper skin, shrimp,

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