is there a chance for mongolia to return to china if the economy collapses?

in mr jin yong's novels, our mind, mongolia is the endless prairie gobi, golden eagle soaring, bow archery warrior, mongolian horse, short sword and bow and arrow, all of which pervaded the haggard with male, deducing the conquest of the primitive society.for hundreds of years, the mongols have changed little, and this barbaric nation still lags behind.

mongolia, known as"prairie", mongolian has one thousand years of history, for most chinese, the most familiar is the outstanding historical figures----genghis khan tiemuzhen.but he is the hero of the mongolian people, and his image can be seen in almost all of mongolia.

mongolia on november 26, 1924 to abolish the monarchy, the establishment of the mongolian people's republic of china.mongolia has an area of 156.65 million square kilometers.but the land is 2016, the gdp of china is only 74.8 billion yuan, which is too small.the annual gdp of huaxi village in the first village of china is already worth hundreds of is clear how dismal the mongolian economy is.mongolia's gdp grew at a peak of almost 18 per cent in 2012, but growth has slowed since then and has grown less than 5 per cent since 2015 and continued to slide.

mongolia has 3 million people, more than 200 live in ulan there only one city in mongolia?no!mongolia has 21 provinces, just too poor.most people live in ulan bator, but ulan bator is also very poor.

in mongolia, almost every day is"the wind blow grass low see cattle and sheep"of the grassland scenery.besides, riding outside the city of ulan bator, wrestling at the nadam fair is also a good sport.of course, the most important thing to miss is to experience the local people, drink horse and milk with the local people, eat the meat and meat and roast lamb, and really feel the wild and warm of the nomadic people!at night, it is a good experience to look up at the stars in the gobi, and to be genghis khan.

the country had just begun to reform and opening up, all is relatively backward.mongolia's position is very embarrassed, the north is russia, is the south china, so it is the world's great powers and the third largest country in the north of a south to completely surrounded in the middle, like no one is going to children, and surrounded by a family of interior countries tend to be difficult to development, saying destiny of birth, caught in the middle position determines the country's political and economic development speed.

mongolia finance income heavily dependent on minerals and animal husbandry, industrial level is very mongolia in the vast grassland and forest, there are many wild animals, antelope, antelope, wolves, wild boar and hare, these animals run rampant in mongolia, pasture and livestock, and seriously affected the local herdsmen's life, so the hunt in mongolia is legitimate, is also popular with the local herdsmen, these policies to maintain the balance of species and protection of endangered species has many benefits, so you don't have to worry.

if mongolia was not independence from china, not sure now mix of bad, inner mongolia is very good proof, inner mongolia's gdp in 2016 is nearly close to 2 trillion yuan, 1 big city baotou how rapid development.there is no penitence, the runaway children want to come back, it is difficult to estimate, if i want to return, will china still have?

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