why did the chinese go to russia once and never want to go again?

russia more than 10 years ago to our visa(team travel) abolition, less landscape beauty, natural scenic spots known as amazing and mysterious lake baikal, humanities landscape shock such as ancient and luxury still palace buildings, the beauty like a cloud, not far from us, southeast asia, japan travel around us all the fire for a long time, only that russia has to heat up, few people go, summarized the cause about the following points:

1.the russians are friendly to chinese don't

went to japan to southeast asia, and south korea, will only chinese is also ok, because there are a lot of chinese, many local people can also learn some chinese, warm and friendly, basic communication is no problem.

the russians generally do not speak chinese and english, if you will not russian, people tend to ignore you, even in front you scold you, part of the chinese customs police discrimination, all kinds of difficulties, although it is not as serious as he used to, but hard to change.

2.drunk much, skinheads, security disorderly

the russians a lethargy, the second is no wine, no street drunk a lot, some drunk even provoke you directly in the street.

/p> the exclusive skinhead party will come out for a period of time every year, specializing in the whole foreigner, and think very much.

and russia is to allow the gun, often someone being robbed, is notoriously unsafe.

3.the food is very sweet and greasy in russia, and it's hard for people to get used to it.

second, they are prone to the wrong dish, although some menu is in chinese, but the service personnel to look not to understand, only to the russian menu, as a result of not like themselves.

4.live well

russia to their less attention to tourism, is not keen on hotel, a five-star tourists couldn't afford, three or four of the many small, expensive, basic is not built, bear ability is limited.

5.it is too cold in winter

russia summer temperatures also good, is 11-27 ℃, but in the summer time is shorter, not in the winter, the average temperature is 18 ℃~-10 ℃, is below zero, the average temperature in january in the northeast and even low-50 ℃, frozen dogs can make people.

is a warm island in southeast asia, russia has little advantage in winter.

6.consumption level is high, it is better to go to europe for a few countries travel

the consumption level of moscow were for ten consecutive years ranked first in the world, in addition to the basic membership fee to visit russia(10000), there are various kinds of easily hundreds of attractions tickets rose sharply, the peak season, hotel accommodation, etc., at a time, least to more than 10000, the price can go swimming for a few countries of europe, how many people will choose to russia?

/p>/p bbb/p/bbb/bbb/bbb/p/bbb/bbb/p/if you had a chance to travel, would you choose russia?

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