after i moved to new zealand, i learned that there is no utopia

as a chinese, if china is not our ideal,

the world is no corner, can become our utopia.

to live in new zealand, many friends ask me how to emigrate.

i'm honest with you, there's no immigration.the other person is very surprised, ask why to new zealand, the ultimate goal is not immigrant?

i'm only going to get a green card, a pass for freedom.

i came to new zealand, and a lot of people escaped from north to dali, just wanted to change a piece of air, on a free land, looking for another possibility of life.but that doesn't mean they're going to die.

we are just looking for a land that is best suited for our current state and to live the life we want, even if it is only for a while.

is interesting, when i left the municipal secretary post, left the land of the motherland and worked as a freelance writer in new zealand, i felt that i could do more for the humanistic ecology.

is about to be from the heart of the world, only to have more real social value.

/p> is not as good as people think.

this is not a black and white world, china is not necessarily black and new zealand is not white and flawless.

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, no matter where you go, as long as you enter the social circle of chinese chinese, you will find that this is the microcosm of chinese society.even more backward than the current chinese society, more disorderly and disorderly, more weak and stronger food.

:there is no utopia in this world, no matter where you are, how you ask yourself, how you live your life, perhaps more than immigration.

to new zealand, i read a book, write articles every day, free time can also painting, paper cutting, calligraphy, slowly thinking about chinese culture in the form of how to teach.

but i don't live like this in china, because such a rhythm doesn't seem to be allowed in our culture.

"doing nothing"as its parents see me all day long, will feel very intrusive:young live the life of the elderly, read a book, write a book, drawing of what, when you retire, have a plenty of time to do, don't go to work now!

friends meet each other and ask how are you doing recently?if you don't complain about the heavy workload and the unkindness of your boss, you seem to be uncannily.

> if you know your favorite way to live is reading and writing, you won't feel very sad if you have the chance to go after decades of retirement.

is more sad, i'm not quite sure what kind of life i want to live.we have been driven away, shouting"rush"to the front line, whether it's academic or career, it's too late to stop.

doesn't have time to look at yourself, so many people may not know their unique qualities and needs from beginning to end.

is the age of the child and does not want the next generation to be the same as himself.they want to give them a happy childhood and a loose youth, so that they can do what they want to do, and find that life is different.

, but as a parent, it's not clear what you want, how can you have the confidence to help your child fight the stress of the test tide?

, therefore, i want to change a piece of free land and reintroduce myself.and the goal of sir, is to change careers to specialise in tourism, so we chose new zealand.

to live in new zealand doesn't necessarily have to be an immigrant.

new zealand really like tao yuanming's shangri-la:

vast land, houses and peremptory, chickens, talking.the degree of trust between people and the degree of maintenance of social order is amazing.

, for example, if you don't have to register your id, you can leave your key in the room and leave the room.the government almost does not check the corporate tax refund certificate, and every month, the government will refund the amount to your bank account.i can even see unattended agricultural stalls on the side of the road, take my own goods, and throw my money into the box...

new zealand law although perfect science, but in the law enforcement aspect basically relies on years to build up the social integrity, to say white is to rely on consciousness.

legal provisions are available, but there is no perfect supervision system and there is not enough manpower and resources to build such a supervision system.what's more important is that new zealanders don't think they need such a system of supervision, and everyone is aware of the fact that people are monitoring each other.

but sadly, live in a well-ordered society, under the background of the lack of regulation, some chinese outrageously, a set of acme shrewd"life art"applied to all walks of life, joy.

in the chinese community in new zealand, the illegal trade in work visas is already an open is not unusual for many chinese bosses to work under the name of"green card", to bully workers and not to pay wages for years to get free labour.

and even the unbridled to have a clear sticker price, the auckland area buys a work visa 60 thousand newcoins, christchurch area forty thousand new coins.


chinese in new zealand is generally a wealthy is fair to say that this is inseparable from the hard work of our nation, and we really work hard.

, but there are many stories about people who are not rich.some local people, especially those who have not really contacted the chinese people, will also see the chinese with colored glasses.

> our new zealand friend josh said that he was partying with his colleagues, and his colleagues said that the chinese were not good at reading here, and that their behavior was poor.

josh is very angry and says do you know chinese people?have you ever met a chinese?the chinese couple who used to live with us are not like this.i am very good, and i will attend the graduation ceremony of my chinese friends.

we appreciate josh for the chinese name.the incident partly reflects local attitudes towards the chinese, but not the locals.

is not a joke in foreign countries, but it is a great shame and frustration.

the progress of the theory of social morality level, new zealand is leading in china, but it lags behind new zealand chinese circle.

:as a freelance writer, i am often contacted by the media.the domestic media want to publish my article, will consider the copyright issue, the manuscript fee should be how much.

but the chinese media in new zealand say a word, we want to send your article, but do not pay the contribution, because all new zealand's chinese media, no matter the newspaper or the public number have no contribution!

i'm shocked.that's what justifiably says, because it's all illegal, so can i be illegal?

i don't know if there is any chinese media in new zealand now respecting copyright, according to the law.but the human ecology of the chinese circle is really behind the domestic scene.

:as a chinese, if china is not our ideal country, no corner of the world can be our ideal's not about nationality, it's not about geography, it's about matter which country we go to, the blood of chinese is in the bones.unless you thoroughly turn yourself into a foreigner, abandon your own culture and language, and never engage with the chinese.

, but the loneliness and sadness of the cultural abandonment will become more and more intense when people get older, which will eventually become a kind of homesickness that cannot be solved or changed into the grave.

recently, heard many domestic reverse through the scandal.but i still think that our social and cultural state is slowly getting better, presenting a state of openness and self-awakening.

critical class is not immediately"harmonious", questioning the system, questioning the value, is helping us to restore an ideal humanistic state.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/pthe general content is to criticize ma's richest man disrespect the art, the double eleven party without the beauty of the self-creation music invite a lot of music to sing, the high price auctions the calligraphy artwork without any foundation.

-these articles even use a mocking style of writing, but they are of great significance to the guidance of social value in the present.

power and wealth is not omnipotent, it may be able to direct some crazy pieces, but it can never contain an angry rebuke from the awakened people.

/p>/p> remember the teacher in the civil service training class before:the common people, especially the intellectuals of the common people, whose social responsibility is to serve bowls and eat, and put down their long as those words are heard, society will not go too far.

may be due to the fact that in the previous special era, the common people had the same caliber, only praise and lack of abuse would have a cultural break that affected china and even affected the world.

although the cultural divide left a lot of sequelae, especially date due to lack of faith and suffered economic explosion, not only brought home a lack of social morality, also established abroad chinese small society situation worse.

, but a culture, from allowing questions, accepting criticism, is no longer going downhill.

:from today's springing up of critical articles, we can see that an ideal social ecology is slowly building up.

temporarily leaving does not mean giving up.

i guess a lot of people now live in dali, look be like living in wild stock or floating clouds, silently, presumably affects the society with its own unique way, look forward to the utilitarian and rage, usher in a free, inclusive and orderly society.

so, i still had no intention of immigration, is still confident in china.her economy is strong, although some problems are slowly being exposed, but she is slowly digesting and solving them.

, even our friends in new zealand, we are looking forward and yearning for china.

recently, new zealand friend james is asking us for coffee.

:since i met james, i don't know how many times i've drunk coffee.there is only one theme for every coffee, and that is to teach him chinese.

i asked james why he was so obsessed with chinese.he said:because the world's best country, it must be china!


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