winter is to be cold not to break the ice of the country face of the sea what company

this morning received a question and answer the invitation, i just know, after 262 days, finally there is a small group in incheon airport land, but also a banner, with everyone's eyes and a red swinging stimulate's 32, i can count the 24, the other 8 are embarrassed.

go to the website to see, however, under the related project is a this is interesting, this is not advertised, but how do 32 people get together?

look at photos you will find that the inside of the face is mostly the elderly, and it is also a great waves travel has always been customer group, waves as their customers account for one 8 of the elderly in beijing, which is 1 million's always better to the old fool, especially in the face of small discount, often penny wise and pound foolish, therefore the operation pattern of waves travel"first payment"(they do not recognize, of course) and low price of travel products.this is akin to sharing a bike's deposit, and a large amount of prepaid money is deposited in the pools of money that are freely available to them, and the numbers must be staggering.therefore, in this model, haitao tourism has a revenue of 1.2 billion yuan in 2015, 6.6 billion yuan in the first half of 2016, and a total of 136 million yuan in the new third board.

so prosperous situation, in april 2017.haitao is in a financial distress, and the phenomenon of"runs"seen in the tv series appears in front of the building of the company, where most of the money is for the present, part of the company is abnormal and the stock has been stopped.

picture sources network

picture sources network

around again, or pay the money before they are essentially travel

suspended state

now such a company again hair, is lifting the economic crisis?is it going to be a crisis for them to continue?and that's one small step for them, let more concern over there, the plane is well, more than 40 journalists anyplace, write an article topic is"come back","welcome"such, so the picture is not 32 of them as a souvenir, is playing so many countries face, i don't open happy anyway.we are now actively preparing for an unprecedented visit to the grand tour to ease the relationship, do we think?!

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