the netizen evaluated eight of the most unpalatable features in the country, the mutton bread in the soup, also included?

hello, welcome to the little trip, i'm small!

="eat", i think everyone likes it!since ancient times, china has been famous for its food.there are many special snacks throughout the country.china has a long history of noodle snacks, unique flavors, and a wide variety of products.delicious special snacks to make small italian heart!today we don't say delicious, we talk about combining netizen's evaluation, the most difficult to eat local snacks!

the first line of"bad"snack:chenghuang temple in shanghai nanxiang steamed bun, is known as the nanxiang steamed buns, i think a lot of people know, fame is needless to say, but had the net friend say so bad, and your fat, greasy, don't know whether the heat of the ceng chenghuang temple, has never tasted better good little meaning!

the name of the second"yuck"snack:west lake vinegar fish, maybe it is the love of some points, but a lot of netizens reaction, can't stand the smell, as a land of small, that is very bad, but you can go to taste the fried shrimps with longjing tea, the taste is great!

the third way"yuck"snack:a hong kong orchid ramen, visitors to hong kong are very curious about the japanese ramen, want to have a taste what flavor, but the results disappointed the netizens, maybe is the local differences, but in china can't say delicious!

the fourth"yuck"snack shanghai cream, sugar, in addition to the city god temple is hard and awful, local people are not buying, whether old, who eat who know!

the fifth"yuck"snack:tianjin goubuli stuffed bun, many netizens said, in the old brand, taste good, and the price is high, a set of top-level package of 168 yuan, said local people don't go to eat, are bought to outsiders, don't know really, maybe authentic rarely!

6"yuck"snack:wuhan hot-and-dry noodles, eat a netizen said, from then on don't want to eat any surface, but with wangfujing noodle ratio, is the world delicious...i really love these netizens!

7"yuck"snack:beijing fulingbing, beijing's old specialty, but small taste like eating paper, feel the same way the friend for a hand, perhaps that time is very popular, but after all is a new era!

8"yuck"snack:xi 'an is an old saying lamb bubble, netizens said a bowl of 38 block, taste is very general, not worth it!is the family not good, the person who has eaten knows!

well, more bad characteristics, in no particular order, that is not good what, after all, there are difference local tastes, or in the interests of the era, authentic features are a low profile on the street alley!small meaning true sympathize these netizen, hehe, feel to eat a rat commonly!suffer!




>perhaps the netizen's life road is not ripe, did not eat the tunnel?

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