it took me eight years to get away from this marriage

li jie story, the picture comes from the network.


for eight years, i can't put it down, i'm divorced from this.

this torture me in eight years of marriage, i always thought that as long as i dragged, as long as i don't divorce, he with how many women are good, they can never aboveboard together, i would never give other women.even if i'm not happy, i don't make them feel better.

i got into this tip and i couldn't get out.

this eight years, he often don't go home, go to different women stay there, and then, he says, fall in love with a woman.and they cook together, go to travel, go to the movies, he told her gently, is never give me, between them is more than a year old daughter.

until the end, i understand that it's the only person who's consumed and tortured.


we've been married for 11 years, the first time that he cheated, is in the third year of our marriage, when the woman still in my pajamas, and she saw i didn't wear shoes then ran away.i sat at the door one night, and he was on his knees, begging me to forgive him.

the next few days, i feel sick at the thought of what i eat.i can't even drink water.because i can't accept, have had the trouble, the mouth voice say love my life of the man, unexpectedly can cheat, unexpectedly will touch other woman.later, it was my parents who came to support me from the countryside.

married into their family for three years, they made good food for the morning, they kept their house in apple-pie order, and they had to help their mother-in-law with moxibustion every night, and my son was also with me at night.not because i didn't help my family when i bought a house, so i always looked down on my family?in the ordinary times, even though, after this incident, my parents and i drove out.

is still not divorced, because the only condition for my divorce is that my son belongs to me, and at first they disagree.


after that, i have been make, for he lost his temper, cynicism to him, is he sorry i, is he owes me, why did he mistake i will forgive him so easily?for a long time, i didn't touch me, his patience was exhausted, and he turned to other women.just think about it.i regret not having divorced him.

is about half a year old, and the father-in-law moved to live with their oldest son.

, i didn't know how i got through it.he wanted a divorce, but i refused, and my son would not leave me.why don't you get a divorce?why do i have to put up with this?the time has not come.


everything just for money.i have to plan for myself and my son.i really should say:i love you, you are my whole world, i do not love you, you are nothing.

for a few years, i watched him buy a car and buy a car, which is not my name.and watched him change from woman to woman.later he said he fell in love with a woman and wanted to give her a name.he said my son i could take it away.just to make me divorce, fight, scold.

i didn't promise.the woman went up to my house and went to work where i worked, and it was a small three, only to please other people, without any brain.watching them is flustered, want to put my element, i in front of them laughing, is not, don't let them so comfortable, she was my spirit into the hospital, because she was already pregnant.


to be honest, very tired, i have always said that is not the time, has been said for the money, is an fact, maybe it was my heart that i didn't want to, so they took me out of the way, after all, i was very selfish.torture them all the time, and in fact, torture themselves.

if i was really just for the money, i could collect the evidence, sue him, make him clean out of the house, split the property was i who didn't let go of this marriage.

is a silly thing to do for so many years, but it is unwise for me to try to please him after i find him unfaithful.see their daughter, i just know, even if i consume, will make everybody uncomfortable, should let go, should put down.


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