these things are strange in history but they are true!

1, the tang dynasty law:datang foreigners may not wear, not intermarry with datang women, home if the marriage is not only stay in datang, forbid to account for possession and buy homes, if unfortunately died in datang his goods can be sealed, in the short term, there is no one to receive it nationalised...but even then there are plenty of foreigners to settle.

2, early tang dynasty poet si kong-tu ready for his grave and coffins, ready for use after good times, he even invited guests to sit in the grave and drink.embarrassed, the guest said:"why can't you see it?life and death are the same thing.where am i just taking a trip?

3, cixi like to play dog, and specially set up dog breeding place in the palace, named"dog keeping".the house where the dog is kept is extremely ornate and spacious.on weekdays, the eunuchs who have a dog are responsible for the dog's diet, teaching, grooming and other matters, known as"dog surveillance".every dog has a living, and the eunuch receives it monthly.but cixi was moody, and if some dogs disobeyed her, cixi killed the dog on the ground.when the dog died, cixi regreted again, he was angry with the eunuch and beat him with a rod.

4, taiping heavenly kingdom is very severe punishment for smokers,"the book of heaven"reads:"everyone who eats the yellow tobacco, the first offense is to beat a hundred, the cail for a week;one thousand more, three weeks in the stocks;three prisoners beheaded."

5, the liang dynasty of the southern and northern dynasties is not washing the feet in the spring, and the history of the lunar new year is"dirty, the feet have been washed for years, the words are lost for every washing".the wife hated his bad habit, repeated persuasion, yin zi chun finally washed a foot, but then the battle of liang zhou was defeated, yin zi spring decided to be washing feet, then never wash feet.

6, as in the case of hanhuidi:there is no married person between the ages of 15 and 30, and a fine of 600;"song book · the biography of the book"said:"the woman 15 does not marry, the family sit", namely past 15 years old still do not get married, family want to be affected.

7, in the tang dynasty, if the dog hurt, and dogs, the responsibility to"ears"for a dog, the dog's ears lose, in prison.

8,"pipe"rules:"the number of salt in(the state of qi), in january the husband is five litres and a half, the woman three and a half, the baby two and a half."in the conversion, men ate 6 grams of salt a day, less than 4 grams for women and less than 3 grams for a child, which fully meets who's recommended standards.

9, there is a hu wan town in jinxi county, jiangxi province, when qianlong swam the south of the yangtze river, it came here by boat.qianlong sits on the ship, the old farsighted pier stands a big stone tablet, blurts out:"good a xu bay."the emperor was the silver fangs of jinkou, and the hu gulf was changed to the bay of xu.

10, later qin emperor yao ming, killed the former qin emperor fu jian, he never slept a safe night after he became emperor, he had one dream, fu jian"sent the angels of heaven and the ghosts into the camp", and led the ghost soldiers to pick him up.yao was afraid to run inside the palace, the palace people when he helped him to stab the ghost, accidentally stabbed in the key,"false in the yin, haemorrhage yu", soon, yao was not treated and died.

11, zheng he's voyages to the western seas, they found the unicorn, and brought it back to nanjing.the yongle emperor was also happy to have a portrait of his life in the annals of history.but zheng he brought back the giraffe.

12, after three failed marriages, tang bohu and shen jiu were married in the ming dynasty.and the name"nine niang"also let hou shi to think that tang bohu has nine wives.

13, the gaoyang of north qi was born to be cruel, but it was a magical prophecy of the emperor.according to the seventh of the book of the northern history, the seventh, gao yang once asked a taoist priest, i can do a few days?answer:thirty years.after the taoist priest went out, gao yang said to the queen, ten years, ten months, ten days, not exactly thirty?gaoyang ascended to the throne in january 550 and died in october, 559, exactly what he said.

14, according to historical records, in the ming dynasty in 1607, beijing had more than 20 days of heavy rain, changan street was five feet deep and all the yamen were flooded.during the 268 years of the qing dynasty, there were floods in beijing in 128 years, and the great flood happened five times.

15, during the spring and autumn period, song, two countries at war, zheng song jun bring gift he hua yuan, and killing sheep stew, but missing sheep poured his driver, sheep bears a grudge, and fighting between the two militaries, driving chariot headed to lee position, lead to hua yuan captured, song jun bite the dust.

16 great-grandchildren qin moments of the treacherous court official, the southern song dynasty, qin gui(qin gui adopted the offspring of the qin he) and its child qin jun keep qi state(now hubei qichun) gold, gold people know is the son of guarding city qin gui, very happy, send someone surrender.but the qin moment killed kim and refused to surrender.jin soldier broke the city of qin moment and son, the daughter family 7 self-immolation martyrdom.

17, the king of southern song dynasty, zhao xian, 4 years old, came to the throne two years later, and zhao, 6, was a captive of the mongol the age of 19, kublai khan also sent zhao to tibet as a monk.zhao, who was a monk, taught himself tibetan language, translated many buddhist scriptures and made many contributions to the buddhist world.when he was 53, he was executed for a poem that broke the prison.zhao can be the most unusual emperor.

18, beiqi emperor achieve the dissolute no way, he's pretty princess von small flow county curvy figure, achieve the think like von small flow so lovely person, he is the only one to enjoy her beautiful amorous feelings, may dissipate, hence let feng small flow on a few naked lying at the king's hall of a case, and from time to time to make all kinds of action, even the daughter of a view of the ticket price for ministers to watch.this is the origin of the allusions of the jade.

19, according to mozi · lu's question, lu ban cut bamboo and wood to make wood magpie,"flying, not three days", but this skill has been lost.

20, xiking miscellanea records:han dynasty there is a calculation of road mileage of drum in the car, the car has a hand drum of a wooden man with a hammer, a car driving to a certain range, a wooden man with a will of the hammer to the drum, and the modern principle of the metered taxis are very similar.

21, the ming dynasty illustrious general qi jiguang in chinese characters"methods"of phonetic method invented the methods of code, which uses two word for another word of phonetic, take on under the initials and finals of the word,"cut"give another word pronunciation.its principles are exactly the same as modern passwords, but they are harder to decipher than modern passwords.

22, in the year 409, the land of huaxia was in the period of sixteen countries, and 11 people were crowned emperor, which was the most imperial year in history.


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