one night in tianjin i saw tianjin from five tianjin people


."this is liu xiaoshun's unreal travel and living institute.

today i spent the night in tianjin, with five people in tianjin, feel interesting, perhaps is not very comprehensive, but it seems to see about certain aspects of tianjin character.

1, the first tianjin person:

i flew to tianjin airport and took a taxi to the hotel.

, when i compromised, he sent me to the hotel on the way to the hotel and had been"teaching"me, and then i complained about him, and he was punished accordingly.

if in the south, also encountered such did not play table taxi driver, but after convince you, they will not continue to"teach"you, because it's a shame, besides the airport taxi is a city's"face".

2, the second tianjin person:

i live in the hotel, i just entered the room and sat for a while, i found the room was musty, and asked the front desk to help me change my room.

because this is a budget hotel, in order to control the cost, they don't even provide one-time toiletries, if in the south, i drink a bottle of mineral water when i change rooms, they should be able to take the initiative to request i will water the new room change to come over.

3, the third tianjin people:

i went to buy twist, said to the boss, i want to be 10 yuan.

:the boss grabbed a small bag and put it in the name of the last one, twelve dollars, and then he took some of the flaxen himself and took it out, until he said it was ten dollars.

in the south, if you buy things to say to want to 10 yuan, the boss will give you at least 20 dollars, if you take the initiative to say you don't so much, he will pick some out, at least 15 dollars of goods to sell to you.

4, the fourth tianjin people:

i went to buy a pancake fruit, when you receive money, i said use pay treasure, the boss may feel less money, asked me if i can use cash, i said i think i have the cash, when i look, but he saw i have to open the phone pay treasure, just say no.i said it's ok, i have cash, he just said no, and finally i used alipay.

i'm surprised if you offered to ask me for cash, and i have cash, why don't i use cash?

5, the fifth tianjin people:

i went to buy bread, because in the evening, do activities is to buy three pieces of 8.8 fold, i took a loaf of bread to pay for the cashier directly through scan code, and let me know, 7 yuan.

i'm a little uncomfortable, because in the south, the cashier will definitely say, buy three 8.8 percent off, would you like to buy two more?then i would recommend some kinds of bread, until i made it clear that they would pay me.

because there is a lot of coins, i counted seven coins for the cashier, the cashier didn't see them, and the number was not counted, so i just took them the south, for a bunch of coins, the cashier must have counted them again.

so, what do you think of tianjin is a what kind of city?what kind of people are tianjin people?


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