the man suddenly brokenhearted not want to waste the air ticket and the hotel to travel to japan need to be in bed


air circle hong kong one netizen pointed out recently, and his girlfriend break up suddenly, hope to find a woman to go with his family the japanese island of hokkaido, only need to pay the ticket transfer fee and other expenses, but because of accommodation has been booked, so two people will sleep with a bed, but he won't have bad intentions.

according to taiwan's ettv reported, a hong kong internet users posted on november 28,"want to please a silk to play(sister) to hokkaido, points out that, originally from 12/13 to 12/20 family want to go to hokkaido, reservation of the flights, hotels, have never thought later because something is separated from his girlfriend, but girlfriend has paid the money, so now have one more seat, and he doesn't want to waste, so bold to ask, of course, is the package air ticket, hotel, but the transfer fees and other payment to yourself out.

the net friend issued about the trip, and request of the counterpart female net friend."20-25 years old, i have nothing to say that i should be polite.i want to travel with my family, even though my dad, aal, is nice and nice but the most important thing is to be polite.the order is all 1 hall 3 room, so want to condescend to sleep with me in the same bed.the only thing i can guarantee is that i won't do anything."he says he is 24 years old and is 178 cm tall and is not obese at all.

the net friend finally said, if you think it is unreasonable, the sink on their own, such as the post, until he does not push or crazy, he can go no problem, but if people are interested in, you can refer to the discussion zone method of joseph encrypted message."if you don't want to lose money, you know how to find me(you know how to find me),"he said.

however, for the requisition of companion, many netizens feel dumbfounded, some people don't understand why don't you look for relatives or friends to replace seat, some people questioned why can only be heterosexual, others say see and female net friend to sleep with a bed laughing:"the face is too thick?"

in addition, some people think that, if you want to find his former girlfriend should call directly, but post article prove"you former girlfriend dump you some right".

according to the aviation circle understanding, at present, japan airlines, cathay pacific, hong kong airlines and other airlines have hong kong direct flights fly new chitose airport in hokkaido, christmas eve, hokkaido hong kong fly direct flights from the economy class fare at about 3600 yuan to 5000 yuan.

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